Rubber-clad DJ died in 'dungeon'

By bubbly nubs · Jun 6, 2008 · ·
  1. bubbly nubs
    RADIO DJ Kevin Greening was wrapped in clingfilm when he died after a 24-hour orgy of drugs and gay bondage sex, his boyfriend told an inquest yesterday.
    Greening, 44, was dressed in a rubber suit and leather hood and suspended from a scaffold for a kinky sex game at his lover’s flat.
    He had taken cocaine, ecstasy and date-rape drug GHB with civil servant boyfriend Sean Griffin, 51.
    SNN0421FF-180_499487a.jpg Gay venue ... XXL club

    They spent five hours at gay nightclub XXL in Southwark, South London, before returning to Mr Griffin’s flat in Battersea to take more drugs and begin their bondage session in his makeshift dungeon.
    Mr Griffin was close to tears as he told Westminster Coroner’s Court of finding Greening’s body, saying: “He looked pale. I knew something was wrong.”
    He added: “We had a very vigorous sex life. It was not conventional but it was imaginative and we enjoyed each other.”
    Greening was suspended from the four corners of the scaffold, lying on his back with his legs raised. Mr Griffin wrapped clingfilm and gaffer tape around his lower body.
    Mr Griffin said Greening appeared sleepy four hours into the bondage session.
    He said: “He was fatigued and I thought it was time for him to have a break. We had had a lot of drugs.
    “I released the sling and dropped Kevin on to the duvet on the floor. He was still wearing the rubber suit and had clingfilm and gaffer tape round his body. Then we went to sleep.”

    Mr Griffin woke hours later to find his lover dead. He said: “Kevin was still lying in the same position.”
    The court heard there were signs Greening had been in a head-down position, which could have caused him to stop breathing.
    But Mr Griffin denied he was upside-down during their sex session, and cause of death was given as mixed drug poisoning.
    At the time of his death on the eve of his 45th birthday, agent Chris North claimed Greening – who co-hosted the BBC’s Radio 1 breakfast show with Zoe Ball in the ’90s – had “died peacefully in his sleep”.

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  1. radiometer
    Although it may seem like a great idea at the time, drugs and BDSM are a really stupid combination. This is a classic example.
  2. Panthers007
    Yes indeed. But drinking alcohol and working in the abu Ghraib prison is as American as apple-pie.
  3. ihavequestions
    definetly sucks for that guy. but i mean kinky sex orgies and drugs? can you realy ask for a better way to go?
  4. fnord
    Whats the deal with BDSM fans and rubber suits?

    I would rather go out after trying to start a drunking fist fight with a gorrila.
  5. MrG
    The article on the BBC news website had the boyfriend stating that their sex life was not convential by heterosexual standards.

    Says who? That's somewhat presumptious.
  6. Panthers007
    I'll send Bongo on over on some Dexedrine and Jack Daniels. What kind of medical insurance do you carry? Or should we just take you to our near-sighted veterinarian?
  7. radiometer
    It's called "mummification" and it's done for sensory deprivation. You can get an idea what it feels like by wrapping a limb in plastic wrap.
  8. KomodoMK
    Drug death of bondage session DJ

    [IMGL=white][/IMGL]Former BBC Radio 1 Breakfast DJ Kevin Greening died from a drugs overdose after taking part in a gay bondage session, an inquest has heard.

    The body of the 44-year-old was found by police in a flat in Wandsworth, south London, in December last year, Westminster Coroner's Court heard.

    Coroner Paul Knapman recorded a verdict of misadventure.

    Greening co-hosted Radio 1's breakfast show from 1997 to 1998 with fellow DJ Zoe Ball.

    Mr Knapman said: "He was found dead having indulged in unorthodox sexual behaviour involving restraint equipment and illegal drugs."

    On the day he died, he had been in a leather sling attached to scaffolding in the bedroom of the flat occupied by his boyfriend Sean Griffin, the inquest heard.

    At the time, the inquest heard, Mr Greening was still wearing a rubber suit and had cling film and "gaffer tape" around him.

    Recording his verdict, Mr Knapman said Mr Greening died from a "mixed drugs toxicity" or overdose and not from being held "in a form of bondage".

    Mr Griffin told the inquest he had become concerned about Mr Greening when he noticed that his face was pale and the area around his mouth was grey.

    Mr Griffin had initially been arrested on suspicion of murder but was later released without charge when the circumstances of Mr Greening's death had become clear.

    Asked by Dr Knapman to confirm that at all times their activity had been "perfectly consensual" between the two men in the privacy of the flat, Mr Griffin replied: "Indeed."

    "Kevin and I had a very happy and very vigorous sex life," he said.

    "It was not conventional by heterosexual norms perhaps but it was a sex life which was vigorous and imaginative and we enjoyed each other."

    The inquest heard that tests on Mr Greening's blood after his death found traces of cocaine and ecstasy.

    After leaving Radio 1, Greening worked for BBC Radio 5 Live and the BBC World Service.

    He was also heard on London stations including Jazz FM and Heart 106.2, before taking on the mid-morning show at indie broadcaster XFM.

    At the time of his death, Greening was a presenter on London's Smooth Radio.

  9. enquirewithin
    Re: Drug death of bondage session DJ

    At least he went enjoying himself!
  10. teddybearpicnics
    yeah it all sounds like a good way to go...except they didn't get to finish, it says in the article that they needed to take a break. i bet dude woke up and was like ::um....:: and started pounding.
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