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Rubberlips (part 2)

By VincentVan · Jan 27, 2008 · ·
  1. VincentVan
    Only in her bed, among wild flowers and sharp slivers of colorful glass, became evident to me the reason why Nature choose sex as only instrument for life's evolution and betterment of the species; and why the gods always feared it and forbid it, while all demons, visionaries and rebels always used it to challenge them and to mock their power.
    Only in her bed could I glimpse the might of Helen and the passion of Medea.
    In her bed time would first freeze and then crumble into shiny fragments of past and future, that would finally fall, like april's rain on our sweaty, thirsting bodies.
    There, in the temple of senses, space could not exist.
    Matter transformed into novel sensations: juicy fruits of the games of our bodies; which, if squeezed, distilled elixirs of deep, deep pleasures.

    (to be continued... sometimes)


  1. chemlove
    I'd give it 3 thumbs up (but i only have 2)

    great stuff i hope to see much more
  2. savingJenniB
    Thank you Vincent ~ you just gave me a wide-on!
    Going to bed now ~ nighty night!

    Love, JB (.)(.)
  3. Alfa
    I would buy the book.
  4. Metomni
    Fantastic imagery with so few words. :)
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