rural virginia sheriff, employees charged in drug case

By Mick Mouse · Nov 2, 2006 · ·
  1. Mick Mouse
    in Henry county, VA., the county sheriff, 12 current and former officers, a former postal worker, a former probation officer, and five others were charged today in a scheme that consisted of taking drugs seized from criminals and selling them back to the community.

    H. Franklin Cassell, the sheriff of the county was quoted as saying "the only way to acquire wealth is to be a little crooked and not get caught".

    Prosecuters say that for the past eight years, cocaine, marijuana, steroids, and other drugs seized were then sold back to the small community of Roanoake, VA.

    Gotta love those southern boys!

    source: MSNBC

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  1. Trebor

    But he did het caught, and did probably acquire wealth.
  2. D.U.M.B
    I am sure they made a profit and I guess the local stoners etc. didn't mind too much always a supply around I guess.

    SWIM often thought about what he would do if in Law Enforcement and he busted some teenagers etc. I don't think SWIM would sell them back to them but he would instead take the drugs without bringing anyone to court and maybe use them for his own after work activites.

    Maybe SWIM would bust anyone with crap or dirty drugs. All part of cleaning up the streets, it's a dirty job but SWIM is willing to do it
  3. Pinkavvy
    For all those swiys out there that have had drugs confiscated, you better believe that unless you were found guilty via trial where the drugs had to be accounted for, they were sold by the cops nephew and split the money between the two.
  4. Nagognog2
    When Bongo was 14, he was taken to a rural party in a barn (where else) in Virginia. There the County Sheriff had kegs of alcohol. All the good 'ol boys were getting smashed and talking about how easy killing niggers waz. Bongo walked. But the Sheriff didn't like his looks and demanded a contribution of money. And stuck a .38 in Bongo's head. Bongo was 14. The Sheriff got Bongo's last $3.00 and change.

    That was in 1974. But once a network of "Good Ol' Boys" has been established, it requires real hard work to to change it.

    Don't give up.
  5. D.U.M.B
    Man it scares SWIM that someone like that sheriff (and many more like him) can be giving enforcement power and a bloody weapon. That's a horrible expierence Nagognog2, I don't know what SWIY's opinion is when it comes to law enforcers but something like that would have changed my thoughts on them
  6. Trebor

    Sounds like the "Dukes of Hazzard".

    "Now that bongo boy betta give his money to the sheriff or he'll be in some mighty serious trouble."
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