Rush Limbaugh for Oxycontin?

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    Rush Limbaugh for Oxycontin?
    DEA targets online dealer using radio hosts purported testimonial

    A web site featuring a phony Rush Limbaugh endorsement of OxyContin is the target of a Drug Enforcement Administration probe into the illegal online sale of prescription medication, records show. After serving Google with a search warrant, federal agents last month received a year's worth of e-mail from a Gmail account used by the proprietor of

    According to a U.S. District Court affidavit sworn by DEA Agent Efren Buenrostro Jr., the Gmail account has been used to "facilitate drug trafficking activities." As part of an undercover operation, Buenrostro exchanged e-mails with representative "Alex Kruger," who offered to ship him the powerful painkiller Hydrocodone, a Schedule III narcotic (Buenrostro was directed to pay for the drugs via a Western Union transfer to Malaysia). A photo of Limbaugh is at the top of the front page, along with a purported testimonial from the radio host, who is quoted saying that OxyContin "helped me deal with the pain of living in a world that just didn't resemble my perceptions or my claims." Limbaugh, 58, was once addicted to the pain medication and engaged in "doctor shopping" to secure a steady supply of the drug. In a settlement with Florida prosecutors, a felony case against Limbaugh was dropped after he completed addiction counseling and avoided other criminal entanglements. A copy of the DEA's search warrant affidavit, which includes a printout of the site's front page with Limbaugh's photo, can be found below. The DEA examination of, which is focusing on felony narcotics distribution and conspiracy charges, appears to be part of a larger federal investigation "targeting domestic and international sources of supply" of controlled substances being distributed via the Internet." A TSG e-mail sent to the Gmail account searched by the DEA did not lead to a response from a representative.

    The Smoking Gun
    Posted: January 11th,2010


    I want to add, I am not normally a new poster. There is no particular author listed for this article, so none was posted.

    I have permission personally from Alfa to post this. Under normal circumstances, it is against Drugs-Forum rules to post a source, but this source's days are coming to an end, and they are now subject to a DEA Investigation. I meant to post this a couple weeks ago, but didn't get the chance.

    My only goal for posting this as discussed with Alfa was to inform everyone. It is no secret that people use online pharmacies, and this is the risk you take when using any online vendor for illegal or controlled substances. Do NOT visit this website, the website is still operational, and is under heavy DEA surveillance. They would be recording all ip address's and Im sure they have plans to keep this website going, and bust as many of its customers as they can. Im not sure if this is their intention, but they have done this in the past. Please stay away from this site.

    Take care,

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