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  1. chillinwill
    Russia has put a number of popular smoking herbs on a list of controlled substances, the government website reported Thursday.

    It features such exotic herbs as Salvia Divinorum, Argyreia Nervosa and Nymphaea Caerulea.

    The herbs, until recently easily available at street kiosks across Russia, as well as from online stores, were tested and found to be dangerous to human health and life.

    Salvia Divinorum, which translates to diviner's sage, can be chewed, smoked, or taken as a tincture to produce experiences ranging from laughter to much more intense and profoundly altered states.

    Argyreia Nervosa, also known as the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose or Woolly Morning Glory, has hallucinogenic properties.

    Nymphaea Caerulea, or Blue Egyptian Water Lily, has been proved to have mild psychoactive properties.

    The substances have been banned from circulation, sale, and cultivation.

    The list of banned drugs was also expanded to include 23 synthetic cannabinoids used as part of aromatic mixtures either for smoking or burning as incense.

    January 14, 2010
    RIA Novosti


  1. weedmylips
    Does anyone know where you would obtain the 23 synthetic list from that are banned?

  2. danira
    except 23 synthetic сannabinoids banned about 50 compounds from different classes.this is very sad ... :(
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