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Russian Burger King Ad: Whoppers Are Totally Better Than Opiates

  1. Phungushead
    Well, this is one of the weirder marketing strategies we've come across lately. How many marketers go out of their way to compare their products to highly addictive narcotics?

    Burger King in Russia is one. Russian TV stations have banned the airing of Burger King spot that positions the Whopper as a viable alternative to opiates.

    In the spot, the Moscow Times notes the tagline is "The time of poppies is over!" The ad begins with a poppy flower -- do we need to point out here that heroin and opium are derived from the poppy -- being smashed by a falling Whopper. The voice-over then says: "This is a poppy. It was popular once, but now it's time has passed."

    The Moscow Times also noted that this is a play on words. Poppy translated into Russian is "mak," a name the publication said has become synonymous with McDonald's.

    Burger King Russia's website posted on Aug 12 that the ad was, as translated by Google, "banned from major Russian television channels. We have decided to publish it in the official YouTube channel of order so that everyone could see what you see on TV."

    Burger King did not respond to a request for comment, though Burger King Russia's marketing director Ivan Shestov wrote in a company statement to the Moscow Times on Wednesday that the poppy is an analogy of a bad habit, and that the Whopper is an alternative to it.

    August 15, 2013

    Photo: YouTube/Burger King


  1. varuka
    Very funny!!! For some reason I'm now craving BK!!!

    BuT honestly, how could they really believe that commercial wouldn't become controversial?

    And now i must head on over to YouTube...

    Thanks phungushead for sharing ;-)
  2. Basoodler
    Russia has its share of odd/bold idiology and opinion, just like the USA.. I figue that both have been shaped by years of paranoid and largely isolated mentality of the cold war. (No

    I would compare it to two families who live next door to eachother. Both sets are paranoid and irrational sure to heavy methamphetamine abuse.. all of the children in the houses are raised only knowing paranoia.. they watched the parents looking out the windows to make sure "they" are not out there and have no reason to doubt the parents dilutional thinking.

    Then it just stops.. the parents are no longer paranoid.. those kids are going to be fucked up

    Given russias stance on addiction I doubt this ruffled too many feathers in russia. They could have shown a scene of addicts lined up for firing squads and prolly been ok.

    There is an american Ad from netflix that refrences crack and weed .. to illustrate that american culture can be just as weird
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