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Russian pilots, flight attendant 'smoked cannabis before flight'

By YIPMAN, Nov 10, 2011 | |
    TWO pilots and a flight attendant removed from a Russian commercial flight were allegedly found to have smoked cannabis in the hours before they were due to take off.

    The three crew members were removed from the Yakutia Airlines flight from Magadan in Russia's Far East to Moscow on October 21 when they aroused the suspicions of doctors because of their rapid heart rates and high blood pressure, news website newsru.com reported.
    The results of toxicology tests have been announced, revealing the pilots and the flight attendant had traces of cannabis in their bloodstreams.

    The flight - which was carrying 192 passengers - was delayed for 12 hours while a new crew was brought in.
    Russian narcotics police last month arrested another Yakutia pilot following the seizure of a large shipment of drugs, which he admitted to smoking regularly and distributing to his friends.

    Source: News.com.au ---
    NewsCore, November 09, 2011, 12:34PM


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