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Rutgers Just Says NO To Pot Growing For NJ

By Wanderer · Jul 23, 2010 · ·
  1. Wanderer
    TRENTON, N.J. — Rutgers University will not be getting into the marijuana-growing business.

    New Jersey's largest university has declined a request from Gov. Chris Christie to become the only grower of the state's medical marijuana crop.

    The university issued a statement Friday saying marijuana's status as an illegal drug would jeopardize millions of dollars in federal funding to the school.

    The state's legislature approved a plan to allow patients with certain chronic illnesses to access marijuana. Christie suggested the marijuana be grown by Rutgers and distributed by the state's teaching hospitals.

    Implementation of the law has been delayed until January to give state health officials time to work out details.

    Staff Reporter
    Associated Press
    07/23/10 12:11 PM



  1. themidnighttoker
    I always liked Christie. I knew he'd have the sense to make a MJ program in NJ.

    Too bad Rutgers is full of a bunch of uptight pricks... no offense to any students there.
  2. Master_Khan
    You are missing the boat entirely on this one midnight..........his predecessor John Corzine is the one who gave birth to Med MJ in NJ, Governor Fatso is trying to entangle it in enough red tape to make it sink to the bottom of the Atlantic. Governor Fattie is a jack-booted nightmare, intent on perpetuating the republican tradition of using marijuana prohibition as a tool of class warfare.
  3. themidnighttoker
    Shame. Oh well, I don't live in NJ. I just thought that this effort was a sign he was learning from past mistakes.
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