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  1. Alfa

    The Western Cape police have launched a high-level investigation into
    admissions by two provincial detectives that they are hooked on drugs
    because of their duties.

    High-ranking officers are investigating claims by the male
    detective-inspector and his fiancee, also a detective-inspector.

    Both are based at the organised crime unit, and were allegedly used as bait
    to "trap" drug dealers and gangsters.

    The male detective recently laid an abduction case against his unit head -
    a director.

    The Western Cape Independent Complaints Directorate confirmed that it is
    investigating a case against the director.

    The inspector claimed he was removed against his will from a drug
    rehabilitation clinic in Claremont in December, after threatening to spill
    the beans about his superior.

    The director and two colleagues allegedly took him to a safe house in
    Hermanus, and then to a city hospital to complete his rehab programme.

    But he feared for his life and after his fiancee visited him in the
    hospital, he bribed a nurse with R100 to allow him to escape from the
    hospital with his fiancee.

    The inspector started work at the unit again recently but he and his
    fiancee were informed last week by the director of a possible transfer to
    the uniformed branch.

    He was informed - by letter - that he might be transferred to the Parow
    charge office "for the enhancement of service delivery". His fiancee was
    informed that she could be on her way to the Kraaifontein charge office.

    The pair have complained of repeated victimisation by the director and
    senior colleagues.

    Western Cape police spokesman Superintendent Riaan Pool said: "In terms of
    labour legislation, a legal responsibility rests on the employer to take
    the necessary remedial steps and measures which will be in the best
    interest and welfare of a member.

    "These members themselves came forward with information that suggested they
    might have been contaminated or are in the process of contaminating
    themselves in a way that had or will definitely have a negative effect on
    their welfare."

    Pool said that on February 27, notices of possible transfers were served on
    the couple. This was one part of "an internal process initiated to support

    and rehabilitate the members".

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  1. Expat98
    This reminds me of the dystopian novel A Scanner Darkly by Philip K. Dick.

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