Sacked Government advisor claims meow more dangerous than ecstasy

By chillinwill · Dec 1, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    The sacked Government drugs advisor Professor David Nutt has said the legal drug linked to the death of a teenager is more dangerous than ecstasy.

    Professor Nutt said legal high mephedrone, known as meow, was particularly dangerous because so little was known about it.

    The legal party drug has been linked to the death of 14-year-old Gabi Price of Coleridge Road, Worthing last Saturday. Sussex Police are still waiting for the results of toxicology tests to show whether her death was caused by drugs.

    Speaking on the BBC's Inside Out last night, Prof Nutt said: “This stuff mephedrone, or meow, we don't know how dangerous it is.

    “It hasn't been properly tested. It is likely to be at least as harmful as speed. In fact it would be safer for people to do ecstasy where they now what they are going to take.

    “If meow turns out to be as powerful as cocaine there will be problems. People get addicted to cocaine and this could be as addictive.”

    Children as young as 11-years-old are reportedly taking the drug in Brighton and Hove, and school pupils were reportedly seen taking the drug on a bus last week.

    Emily Walker
    December 1, 2009
    The Argus

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  1. Synchronium
    Meph users have nothing to worry about. Home secretary Alan Johnson has "lost confidence" in Dave's advice, remember? ;)
  2. Sven99
    Its still by far the most balanced article out there
  3. 10outof10
  4. mysteryperson
    Professor Nutt was sacked due to honesty and FACTS, i was completely appalled to find out that he was sacked because he pointed out that such illegal substances caused less harm than those that are legal. That is the UK for you ladies and gentleman, but i strongly agree with what he has said and i think experiences on this thread only further backs it up.

  5. Nature Boy
    This revelation doesn't surprise me one bit. Also, I must nominate "meow" as quite possibly the worst drug nickname ever. It oozes of overt campy humour.
  6. Coconut
    I don't even understand it. Is it a reference to 4-methylmethcathinone? Sometimes, drug nicknames are just beyond bizarre. At least examples such as "acid", "mushies", "weed" and such make sense.

    That said, I agree with Nutt. Mephedrone, as a research chemical, is largely untested. Judging by experience reports I would say that at recreational doses it is slightly more physically harmful than racemic amphetamine, mostly due to the extreme vasoconstriction.
  7. Sushi
    Yes, this is likely one of the roots of the nick, thought exactly the same when I saw "Meow" in reference to mephedrone for a first time.

    And I agree with you.
    But cmon, guys, "meow" is not a bad nick at all. Actually it's very nice, warm and sexy. The problem is however, mephedrone doesn't seem to deserve the nick like this. Judging by what I read about methylone and mephedrone it looks like both of them (Explosion and Meow respectively) were given wrong names while it should be rather the other way around. And methylone is 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylcathinone, there is a cat in it too.

    (Speaking of cats, Alf is hungry...)
  8. fgaze72
    from my experience mephedrone use in Scotland is totally off the chart, I live in Southside, Edinburgh and if you go out for a fag at a club the number of people who are obviously on mephedrone is unbelievable. I went to Dundee the other week to DJ at a friend's club night and, certainly among the students there it is ubiquitous (probably not the right word but it gives the impression of the way it has SO quickly become the most commonly used stimulant, and far too socially accepted.)
    SWIM has totally gone off the stuff. Its nasty.
  9. chinpokomaster
    I think most people would be doing ecstasy if they could get hold of actual MDMA and if they could afford it. I see Mephedrone as a substitute. Not sure who agrees.
  10. Simplepowa
    I agree with your statement. Like Nutt said, extasy, at least, have been tested and people would know what they take, so they would put mephedrone aside.

    Mephedrone is just a legal drug and people don't really like to look like a drug addict running to see some pushers or things like that. Mephedrone is on the internet, so easily findable. It is easy to understand that people abuse it that way.
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