Sahlin blunder on cannabis

By ThirdEyeFloond · Feb 1, 2009 · Updated Feb 1, 2009 ·
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    Exclaimed proudly: - S we can!

    - S we can! exclaimed the Social Democratic leader Mona Sahlin proudly in a speech at the party's future days in Västerås.

    The idea was to arouse associations with Barack Obama.
    What she did not know was that it is also the name of an organization that promotes the legalization of hashish and marijuana in Sweden.

    "Swecan is a gathering place for cannabis enthusiasts and a source of accurate and scientifically based facts about the plant", says on its website.

    - It was fun yesterday (Friday), but should I use it again I may well add that I am not aiming to legalize cannabis, "said Mona Sahlin told TT.

    Her press secretary points out that people are looking at the TT on the Internet ports Monday of the Tamil Tigers.

    That it is the Socialists who can not the government but was otherwise the message when she made a speech to the frozen västeråsare at Large Square on Saturday.

    - Depression government has capitulated to their failure, "she said.
    Plagiarized from Obama

    It was not just the alliteration in the speech was Obama-inspired. Behind her, had traveled a lighter, where about 40 audience of mixed age, gender and origin, was frozen stiff and applauded her speech - a scenery directly plagiarized from the Obama presidential campaign.

    The speech was a repetition of the criticism against the government because it is passive to the current crisis.

    - Enough is enough, "said Sahlin, and ran with Finance Minister Anders Borg weather parables.

    - He talks about the dark clouds, where storms and Vargvinter. But what awaits karl'n on - permafrost or ice age? It is now that something must be done.

    While she criticized the government criticized Youth SSU his own party. Beginning Monday not to talk to the young generation so you do not win the next election, they warn.
    Utrøst young people

    While the bourgeois government turns a blind eye to problems as sleep Social Democrats, according to SSU. The Swedish policy lacks today a youth perspective. The young are more labor, housing and powerless than any other. Generation "Idol" will be treated in their documentary - they become Utrøst.

    - We need a youth package that puts 80 - and 90-talisterna in focus. The generation is as great as 40-talist generation but it is not a political priority, "said SSU's President Jytte Gute Country TT.

    Mona Sahlin Welcomes SSU's report.

    - It is a good report, they have the right in its criticism. We have critically recognized that it was not good before, and our entire new jobs policy based on it now, she said to TT. [article in swedish]

    (My swedish is mediocre at best so the translation is courtesy of Google Translate)

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