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By Mirage2018 · Jul 7, 2003 · Updated Oct 27, 2018 ·
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    Lately, there have been a lot of members posting about working out and smoking. So I decided I should step in and suggest a basic plan for any Overgrow members wanting to start working out.

    First let's get some basics down...

    SMOKING BEFORE WORKING OUT: Now first I want to address this, a lot of people talk about smoking before you work out. I personally think it has a negative effect on your work out, and I highly recommend waiting until after because in my experience and feedback from multiple people it will hinder your work out.

    DIET: Now this part is very important, the most important thing I have found when I talk to trainers is that you can't starve yourself when trying to work out, this is a mistake a lot of people make. Basically, I recommend just staying away from fast food and desserts for the most part and just trying to eat foods high in protein. For example lots of meat and fish. Also, it is important that you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables to make sure and get all your vitamins.

    Here is an example of what I eat in 1 day:
    Breakfast: Oatmeal with milk (oatmeal is good because it has a lot of fibre)
    Snack: Banana with a protein shake
    Lunch: Chicken Breast and a salad
    Snack: Carrot Sticks
    Dinner: Salmon and brown rice (if you eat rice brown rice is the best because it can break down very easy)

    I also have a protein drink somewhere else in there depending on when I go to the gym.

    MUNCHIES: Now I know this question comes up a lot. What I like to do is keep packs of carrot sticks with me and munch on those if I get the craving. If you really don't like carrots there are other things you can do. Here are a few more suggestions: Fruit, peanuts (no other nuts though), or keep low carb protein bars around.

    SUPPLEMENTS: Here is a subject with a multitude of opinions. After reading many articles on lifting I believe that the only safe supplements to take are protein and glutamine. Protein is what builds up your muscles and gives you bulk, and Glutamine is an amino acid that helps your body recover. Many people talk about taking ephedra products, but there are many risks to those such as heart attacks and strokes, it's just not worth it if you're trying to be healthy.

    SUPPLEMENT BRANDS AND DOSAGE: I recommend Pro Complex for a protein drink, it also contains 5000mg of glutamine. What I recommend is taking 1 drink within 30 minutes of working out and one 8 hours before or after depending on your schedule.
    The basic 3 day work out routine
    Here are 3 days of exercises which you can do in any order any days of the week, just do each day once per week at your convenience.

    Day 1: Chest, Triceps and shoulders
    Bench Press 3 sets of 10 (use whatever weight you feel comfortable doing sets of 10)
    Decline Bench 3 sets of 10 (this is the same as regular bench but your head is more towards the ground, it targets your lower chest)
    Incline Bench 3 sets of 10 (this is the same as regular bench but your head is more towards the ceiling, targets your upper chest)
    Dumbbell Flys 3 sets of 10 at the most weight you can
    Triceps Rope 3 sets of 10 at the most weight you can
    Dips (now for this exercises I recommend doing as many reps you can until you burn out)
    Shoulder Raises (hold a dumbbell in each hand and raise your shoulders in a circular motion) 3 sets of 20 reps at the most weight you can

    Day 2: Back, Biceps, Lats
    Lat Pull Down 3 sets of 10 at the most weight you can
    Row (make sure to keep your back straight on the row or your lower back will become very soar) 3 sets of 10 at the most weight you can
    Curls 3 sets of 10 at the most weight you can
    Concentrate Curls (sit on a bench and put your elbow into your thigh and curl) 3 sets of 10 at the most weight you can
    Pull-ups do 3 sets of however many you can do (if you go to a gym there should be a machine that assists you with pull-ups so you can do sets of 12 or 15)

    Day 3: Legs
    Leg Extensions 3 sets of 10
    Leg Curls 3 sets of 10
    Calf Raises 3 sets of 10
    Leg press 3 sets of 10
    90* leg press 3 sets of 10

    I recommend doing abs every day that you work out. Start off with light abs and work your way up as you progress. Maybe start with 3 sets of 25 crunches and work your way up to 4 or 5 sets of 50. Your best bet with cardio is to do a 15-minute cardio warm up before you lift and a 15 or 20-minute cardio cool down when you're done. If you find this isn't enough to help you lose weight pick out an additional day of the week to do a 30-minute jog or bike ride.
    Is the most rewarding part of a good work out. The high you get after a good work out is very good and clean. It's what you get for all the hard work you put in.
    On the last note good luck, and have fun getting into shape!

    Here are some links that have additional information for those interested as well as diagrams for the exercises I have told you about.

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