Sale of 'drug pipes' to be banned

By John Doe · Jun 4, 2010 · Updated Jun 4, 2010 · ·
  1. John Doe
    Sale of 'drug pipes' to be banned

    The Government's new legislation designed to target head shops makes it a criminal offence to sell pipes or any other objects used to take controlled or psychoactive drugs.

    The Psychotropic Substances Bill also makes it illegal to sell objects used to cultivate drugs by hydroponic means and allows for penalties of up to five years in prison and fines of €5,000 upon conviction.

    The main points of new legislation published today make it an offence to sell, supply or advertise hallucinogenic drugs previously sold in head shops.

    Doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, vets and other professions or businesses as deemed by the Minister for Justice will be exempt from its provisions.

    Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern said the Bill is designed to deal with those selling psychotropic substances.

    The new Bill also gives gardaí new powers to get court orders to prohibit named individuals from selling, displaying, or advertising psychoactive drugs and to close head shops for up to a year.

    They can also search suspected head shops, seize and destroy psychoactive material and seek to have the costs borne by the owner.

    The Minister said: 'I am pleased that the recent ban on the sale of substances, such as mephedrone, has had a very significant effect on the operations of head shops.

    'However, I am conscious that further action is necessary to deal with the emergence of potentially dangerous new substances not covered by the ban.

    'Accordingly, I am proposing the Criminal Justice (Psychoactive Substances) Bill to ensure that the criminal law and the gardaí can deal quickly and effectively with those who sell psychoactive substances for human consumption.

    'The Bill is being drafted as a matter of priority and I look forward to publication and enactment of the Bill as soon as possible.'

    Thursday, 3 June 2010 17:46
    RTÉ News

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  1. buseman
    Where swim comes from the sale of these pipes was banned over a year ago. Places were being raid by cops to enforce it as well.
  2. John Doe
    That seems so surreal, how do you prove a pipe is for illicit drug use and not tobacco?? I've always known a used pipe was illegal in the U.S. as it could have residue on it or something but a clean, new pipe??

    How do they define the difference between legal and illegal pipes where SWIY is from?
  3. WhiteRock
    In the part of Australia that SWIM's from (don't know if it's differant anywhere else), but the sale of crackpipes has been banned for atleast a year, and police will raid your store if they suspect you are selling them. Tobacco/marijuana pipes are still legal to sell though.
  4. RaoulDukeX
    this is the part that got me; dont you Irelanders have poor soil and poor climate? why, then, ban all sale of hydroponic systems? you guys could be growing veggies or spices or anything in it and not just illegal drugs

    that being said, i think its the wrong course of action. removing paraphernalia does not make it any harder to access the drugs, it just means someone would have to make a crap-pipe out of foil, which, i hope we all know, is not good
  5. John Doe
    I'd always imagined this was why they were never outlawed before, it seems impossible to me to claim, excluding post pottage scenarios, with any degree of certainty any kind of paraphernalia for growing, lighting, irrigation, smoking, snorting or heat creation is solely for cultivation or ingestion of something illegal without implicating a whole host of other, non-drug related paraphernalia. The mind boggles.

    I've been wondering a lot lately about exactly how much of this new Psychotropic Substances Bill will stand up in court, I think innocent until proven guilty still stands as a constitutional right here but I may stand corrected if this bill goes ahead unchanged and unchallenged.

    I have a feeling our current government were secretly trained by the U.S. authorities on how to wage war on some people who take drugs :(
  6. RaoulDukeX
    while we have been the winners in the war on drugs (that meaning that weve allowed the gov to spend billions and still do pretty much nothing) i wouldnt say your leaders are following any book on "how to wage war on you average drug user" and if they were it wasnt written over here. the US is dependent on drugs be they legal or illicit, we thrive from the illegal drug market AS WELL AS the pharmaceutical one. we would never ban the sale of "tobacco pipes" "headshop substances"(unless they were proven harmful like your mephedrone) or "hydroponic supplies"
  7. John Doe
    It's quite an original dilemma alright (bar Oz) - I'd be willing to bet money most of it is hot air. If my memory and care for politics are working correctly right now our current cabinet is under increasing pressure over repeated internal scandals, misjudgements and internal no confidence votes are commonplace. I think the entire thing is propaganda for the next election as has been done by many parties in many states spanning the globe for a long time, it's one large portion of the electoral role they can bet on impressing with such appallingly harsh and socially pleasing protective measure.
  8. Smeg
    SWIM originated from the Portobello road area of London W11 (Tavistock Crescent to be precise). He recalls a vegan food shop called the "Ceres Grain Store" sprouting circa 1969 as a viable business. Some years later, a translucent bat informed him that the name had been changed to "Beanery".
    By the mid to late seventies a reputable Head-Shop established itself maybe a couple of doors or so to the left. The proprietor was, by all accounts, a decent honest progressive gentleman who sold bongs, pipes, Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comics, High Times, gauzes, king-sized rolling papers and various other bits and pieces. There was nothing illegal on sale there.
    SWIM doesn't remember exactly when, but the powers that were at that time very prevalent attempted to prosecute the bloke by claiming that what he was purveying was actually against the law by some kind of weird association with prohibited substances.
    SWIM's collection of bats, at the time informed him that the "progressive gentleman" was actually arrested and tried in court for breaking the law.
    The difficulty for the prosecution then was that they were trying to bend laws to turn the bloke into a criminal for " selling paraphernalia".
    They failed in that accusation. They failed miserably. The bloke was completely vindicated on all trumped up charges, and apologies offered from the judiciary that tried to ruin him and his co-workers.
    The "progressive gentleman" once back at work took great pride in displaying newspaper reports of his alleged crimes around his excellent shop.
    SWIM and his bats helped to pin them up with quiet relish.
  9. kryshen
    This is gross.. just... gross. It's so hypocritical and against their own idea of law enforcement. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Or the benefit of the doubt? It's sad that some places are moving so much closer to legalization and yet others are running screaming in the other direction. It's just shocking how illogical this world is.
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