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Sales of Salvia Surge In Light of Miley Cyrus Video

  1. Balzafire
    Most of us have seen or heard about that controversial video former Hannah Montana star, Miley Cyrus taking hits from a bong filled with salvia, an herbal drug that's legal in most states, but now raising concerns by lawmakers and parents alike.

    Since that video surfaced, sales of salvia have gone up three times. One politician in California, where Cyrus was captured smoking it, is now calling for an all-out ban.

    "The affects that it produces are completely different than any other drug we really know about," said Dr. Adi Jaffe, an addiction psychologist out of Los Angeles.

    Speaking via Skype Dr. Jaffe said depending on how you use it, the effects of salvia hits you within 30 seconds, but what you'll feel for the next 15 or so minutes that it lasts is nothing like the euphoric highs associated with other drugs.

    "It causes discomfort, depression, anxiety - not exactly the kinds of things you really want to do drugs because of," he said.

    Which is probably why, he says, there hasn't been much concern to ban it, until now?

    Even before the infamous Miley Cyrus video he says more and more clips started popping up on You-Tube of people trying it and Cyrus' public use has taken it to the next level.

    "No doubt when someone as young as Miley Cyrus, who has fans who are 13-14 years old, I'm pretty sure we're going to get parents even more involved," Jaffe said.

    Here's the good news, the high you get from this herbal drug, that's similar to mint leafs, is so uncomfortable he said, most try it once and never use it again, so abuse is really not really a concern.

    What has him alarmed are the potential risks people may take while under its influence.

    "This is an extreme drug that really changes your perception of reality," he said. "I wouldn't be surprised if there is bill to make this drug Illegal in a month or so."

    Jaffe said if there is any good to this video surfacing, it could be a great tool for parents to get the conversation started about drugs.

    Katishia Cosley
    December 18, 2010


  1. Moving Pictures
    Yeah, but if you smoke salvia and listen to Miley's last album, it's like Dark Side and Wizard of Oz... I swear man.
  2. phenythylamine
    ^^ listening to mileys music on salvia would get really fucking annoying, its enough to make me want to rip my eyes out while sober.
  3. EscapeDummy

    There are certain things that make me a grammar nazi. One is effect vs affect. God, what a stupid journalist. And what a stupid addiction psychologist, salvias effects somewhat resemble DMT for sure. I'm sure one could do an analysis of the NMDA or opioid receptors that Salvia attaches to and explain that it is similar to ibogaine, or perhaps some research chemicals. Either way, it bugs me when supposed professionals make statements like this because they either know the truth and are dumbing themselves down for the journalist/public, or they really don't know shit about their profession.
  4. DJ Revisionist
    My girlfriends dad called Miley Cyrus a stupid bitch the other day because she smoked Salvia, despite both me and my girlfriend having smoked Salvia before. Then we got into this drug debate with him which went nowhere because he's stubborn and doesn't know anything about drugs. Also, the next morning he said we were sleeping too much and it was because of our drug use. >_>
  5. missparkles
    Next time your girlfriends dad says he's suffering from insomnia, just pass him some Salvia, love. I hear its a wonderful sleep aid?;)

    Just remember, some people have been so incredibly well brainwashed with propaganda from a source they trust implicitly (their government) that even if you could prove your point 100%, some people would just refuse to even countenance it. Thing is, by believing the evidence of their own senses, basically their eyes ears and brain, they have to admit that the people who lied to them were at fault.

    And believing that the government could be at fault raises huge fears for some people. It means that perhaps by implication, not everything they've been told is as solid as they'd like to believe. And its these implications that are just too difficult to even consider. Its so much easier to think that Salvia is a drug that is detrimental to health, as opposed to acknowledging that the people you've always trusted so totally are capable of lies, when it suits them.

  6. phenythylamine
    salvia is pretty different in MOA than pretty much any other drug, besides RCs derived from salvia and some of the properties of Ibogaine are similar.

    Salvia binds to kappa opiod receptors, it is one of the very few chemicals producing hallucinogenic effects through this mechanism, granted there are a few rare pharms that do similar things, but they arnt used anymore, (see cyprenorphin.)

    also I dont know why an Addiction psychologist would be concerned with salvia, having kappa opiod activity, it has no potential for addiction, and some potential to help with addiction lol.
  7. Valseedian
    first things first, great thread. really shows alot about the state of the scene and the quality of its leaders.

    salvinorin A (what is considered to be the active component in salvia divinorum) actually doesnt seem to display traditional halucinagenic activities on normal receptors. Ive seen some speculation that salvinorin's psychoactivity is caused by kappa opiod agonism.. and its not being an alkaloid is also very curious.
    simply put, salvinorin and DMT share almost nothing. tryptamines, phenethylamines (replaced amphetamines) are 'classical' halucinagens, and all act on seretonin receptors (ht2a and ht2c specifically) to exert their psychological manifestations.

    deleriants and other nonpsychedelic inebriants are gabatonergic (generally).. there are also muscarinic and anticholinergic drugs that can also cause dissociative or deleriant effects.. not to mention the antihistamines...
    that being said, swim has tried just about every psychedelic mechanism in existeance.. Hes tried 2c(i,e,c,p,d,b,t2,t7), DO(I,C, B), mescaline from peruvian torch and mescal beans, elemicin from elemi oil or nutmeg, tropanes(datura and belladona), amanitas, tryptamines(ho-dmt, nn,DMT, 5 meo dmt, 4 aco dmt, psylocibin mushrooms (also psylocibin mushrooms grown with non-classical tryptamines in the substrate such as DPT, MIPT and AET, its speculated that there are enzymes in the mushrooms that may transform these into more stable or more potent forms.), Diphenhydramine, dimenhyramine, 4-meo-pcp, ketamine, methoxetamine, NOS, lysergic acids (NEVER HAD REAL LSD, but tried hbwr and has tasted 99.7% lsa with almost no psychedelic component to the activity (lsa is a stim, not a halucinagen, like amt, IMHO)) and salvia (1x 5x 40x and 99% salvinorin @ 2mg vaporized) obviously.
    that being said, swim does consider himself 'highly experienced' with altered realities.. he still wants to try buphotonin, assumes its close to meodmt, and ibogaine. hasnt tried ayahausca because of MAOI/s interaction with other medications.

    all that being said, Salvias effects are unique to itself... atleast compared to all those othe roptions.

    certainly, its unique as a recreatinal drug... there are other kappa agonists, but none that are available to the Research or entheo scene... there isnt much draw to them as the trip is considered very uncomfortable for many people.
  8. phenythylamine
    oh there are, you just have to know where to look, or synth them yourself. 2-methoxymethyl-salvinorin B, is a really unique RC derived from salvia, as I said before, cyprenorphine (alot longer lasting though, and pretty dark.)

    as I have always said, where theres a will, theres a way lol, if someone wants to try these things bad enough, they will.

    really, got any studies on this you would like to share lol.

    uncomfortable is all relative, some people absolutly love datura, some people are scared shitless of it, its all a matter of body chemistry, different people react to drugs differently.
  9. Valseedian
    upon a search, I was able to find sources for an RC kappa agonist... tho there are no reports of human use, nor any truely reliable info on duration or dosage... as stated before, 90% of people who try salvia only ever do it once... its a function worth experiencing atleast once.... but not very enjoyable....
    I mean, google BDSM... noone can say that isnt painful... but people enjoy it.
    for everything, there is some sick fuck who gets off on it. just because someone else likes aligator clips on their balls doesnt mean you will...

    regardless, there is no way salvia less afordable than this stuff... and as far as info goes salvinorin and salvia extracts are better than this aswell. Safer, cheaper and better understood...
  10. EscapeDummy

    Fair enough, but then why are they interviewing an addiction psychologist for this article? Why not a researcher, headshop owner, or DEA agent, all of whom swim thinks would be more relevant to the article?

    Good info from you and Valseedian, i must note it's made me switch my irritation with the psychologist to the journalist.
  11. phenythylamine
    ^^ exactly my point, this is bad journalism, sounds to me like they needed someone with fancy credentials and went with the first dude they found.
    I think the media has a responsibility to report the untainted truth, they have let our country down.
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