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Salvadoran Cops Arrest 2 Guatemalan Soldiers with Heroin Bound for U.S.

By buseman, Jun 14, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    SAN SALVADOR – Two Guatemalan soldiers were arrested at the El Salvador international airport as they were apparently intending to travel to New York with a kilogram of heroin hidden in two pairs of boots, the local press reported Sunday.

    The shipment, valued at 72,000 dollars, was discovered Friday night in the military boots that Lieutenants Juan Jose Pineda Vasquez and Genaro Pineda Rojas were carrying in their luggage, the head of the Attorney General’s Office’s anti-drug unit, Jorge Cortez, told El Diaro de Hoy.

    He said that the two men had managed to insert a total of 154 capsules of heroin into the soles of the jungle boots, which are part of their standard military equipment, and they had covered them with socks.

    The press report said that the two men had entered El Salvador by land but appeared nervous as they waited to catch a flight to the United States at the El Salvador, or Comalapa, international airport.

    We’ve had foreigners who entered the country by land, but then tried to leave by air. In this case, the new thing is that members of the Guatemalan army are involved in international drug trafficking, Cortez told the daily.

    Authorities said that it is not known whether the final destination of the drug was New York, or whether it would have been shipped on to Europe.

    The daily cited figures provided by the National Civil Police, or PNC, indicating that in the first year of President Mauricio Funes’s administration authorities have seized 1,178 kilos of drugs valued at an estimated 12 million dollars.

    June 12,2010


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