Salvia, cannabis, and psychedelic self-programming.

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    This is a little essay that came out of a response to the OP in this thread:

    It has been reposted here at Potter's request, to make it easier to find.

    It sounds like the salvia experiences opened something up that still needs to be worked through. There may be some kind of underlying issue that the Salvia has dredged up. If there is something left unresolved, it will probably continue to manifest in various ways until it is dealt with. Manifestations like this seem to have a tendency to get worse the longer they aren't dealt with. As it has been said, "the only way out is through."

    As suggested above, psychedelics can change the "programming" of the psyche. This is what they are useful for; it's also their biggest danger. It's a bit like running an "autorepair" routine on the psychological firmware. To some extent it's cybernetic, responsive, but it's not just freeform. The particular interface provided varies significantly between psychedelics. Salvia gives an especially powerful imprint, and does not come with a robust interface. It seems to be most useful as a diagnostic tool, but it does have editing capabilities, which are deep, difficult to control, and not very fine-grained. It is particularly unpredictable when the experience is entered into without a clear intention.

    For a person in this situation, it might be worth trying to explore the situation in a mescaline or mushroom session. Deliberately approaching the Salvia state within the context of a "safer" psychedelic session may be a useful approach. Going into a session with positive intention, with an experienced guide, might allow ego to work through the issues involved, or to change the negative program. Emphasis on the guide here, this is not something to go into alone. Even with a guide, this could lead into a difficult or unpleasant experience. Returning to a Salvia-like mental state during an session with a different medicine is terrifying, as the person who isn't 19mikael19 is already painfully aware. Having supportive, caring people who know what is going on, and are capable of giving guidance, is absolutely essential to positively working through that sort of experience.

    The psychological mechanisms of the mushroom or mescaline session (and to a certain extent LSD and MDMA sessions), although they don't work as deeply, are easier control and are more fine-grained than the Salvia routine. Most importantly they include a relatively smooth re-integration period, a transition from self-programming mode to ordinary operational mode. "Improved dimensional smuggling capabilities." (credit to Potter)

    Salvia just sort of sucks you through it, applies a filter, and spits you back out wiped blank. The person on the other side spends the whole 5-minute re-integration period figuring out:

    There's nothing like the (more or less) smooth return to normality that other psychedelics provide, and this makes it much harder to retain information about what was done in the session and for what reasons. The Salvia session happens so close to instantaneously that it's almost incomprehensible to ordinary consciousness.

    It might also be possible to approach the Sage again directly, to enquire about this problem, and about how it can be resolved. I would envision this option as something to be explored after a different type of psychedelic medicine was employed.

    So why does this happen to people? Cannabis is a (mild) psychedelic. For most people the psychedelic qualities aren't apparent without very large doses. But it seems to be the case that some individuals experience psychedelic effects that are much stronger than average. Sometimes this is immediately apparent, sometimes it develops over time, or after experiences with other psychedelics, as in the case at hand. It has been suggested that the cannabinoids in marijuana are weak kappa-opioid agonist. This may be related to aspects of the psychedelic effects of cannabis. This is probably what is responsible for the paranoid and fear that sometimes accompany both the salvia and the cannabis experience. With the psyche having been previously "attuned" to the k-o agonist program, a weaker agonist might have a more marked effect. A "reverse tolerance" of this sort has been noted in cases of Saliva use.

    An analogy might be made with DMT in reference to psilocybe mushrooms. Some people report the recurrence of DMT-like effects in mushroom sessions. Psilocin is a structural derivative of DMT, and their pharmacology and effects are related. Similarly, the experiential structure of the DMT and the mushroom session is related. After one has been "tuned" to the particular DMT sub-routine, it's easy to notice the underlying DMT structure of the mushroom session.

    As Potter suggested, it may be time to give up cannabis. This might even be the issue that has to be worked through: the "error warning" that the salvific diagnostic mode has flagged. Maybe there is a way to find a new accommodation with cannabis, and maybe there isn't, but that is something that has to be worked out individually. Whatever the case, opiates are not the solution. Replacing a relatively benign medicine like cannabis with another with a much higher destructive potential is never recommended. Please reconsider this. Spend a little time on the opiates forum if you don't already. Alcohol, benzos, psychiatric medications, will only provide a mask, or an excuse to avoid the problem, not a treatment. "Out of the frying pan into the fire" as they say.

    I just want to point out that this is entirely speculative. I am not a psychiatrist, therapist, or clinician, and do not purport to give medical advice. This is not a suggestion, only some ideas on what might be possible outside of prohibition. Sadly this way of looking at these kinds of problems is not acceptable, and it can't be attempted during legally. I do not encourage anyone to break the law. I hope that the thoughts are helpful, anyway.

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