Salvia criminalized in Florida

By Shiacmkmleer · May 21, 2008 · ·
  1. Shiacmkmleer

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  1. Powder_Reality
    Wow, that's all I have to say. I just can't help myself, I have to pick apart this article.

    I think salvia has been compared to just about every illicit drug known to man, and it's just starting to get tiresome. My personal favourite was the article that said salvia was being used as a date-rape drug.

    I'll give him this, salvia should only be available to those above the age of 18. Of course, the only realistic way to do that would be to regulate the drug, not criminalize it. But as we all know, most politicians don't like to accept this fact.

    I really hope nobody reads this article and then goes out to buy some salvia, thinking that it's going to have similar effects to cannabis.

    So apparently salvia is now a strain of marijuana, and a pretty weak strain too. Once again, I really hope nobody reads this article and goes out to buy some "legal weed".

    Truly words of wisdom...
  2. RaverHippie
    I wish some of these local news stations did some real investigation and tried it before they bashed it. Conduct evaluations of it.

    P.S. $60 for 80mg? rofl

    (not meant to break the price discussion rule since it was made in the article will edit if this still qualifies as an infraction...)
  3. N0ly
    Once again the old farts that are politicians are hearing about something that is making people think differently and of course it has to be bad for this reason. God forbid that people seek to change the way they see the world. It might just start a riot.

    I can see why they are scared of it, it could possibly show people that the world isnt really they way that they tell you it is.
  4. Hyperspaceblastoff
    Hoffhines said. "I was like because that's like a drug you know it changes the way you think and the way you process stuff completely."

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH is that fool on salvia or something or does he always talk like that

    I think that dood is a chick.
    Sounds like something a girl would say.
  6. Heretic.Ape.
    like i don't know but like considering like everything he's like said I would say like he obviously shouldn't have been like consulted for an investigation or articles like you know? like how could we possibly like tolerate something with like such devastating effects as like something that like is a whole new perceptual experience. sounds like pretty dangerous or something. Can you imagine the sheer chaos that would ensue if everybody started thinking they were midgets or something (I love that bit)? Sheer pandemonium!
    wow you said the word like A Lot. sorry but it was kind of hard to read.
    this is ridiculous, at this rate it wont be long until itll be illegal to posses helium.
  8. Heretic.Ape.
    I hope not, even voices and balloons deserve to get high now and again ;)
    hahahaha "<b>and balloons</b> deserve tog et high and now and again"
    that was pretty funny of you.

    EricJon added 1 Minutes and 0 Seconds later...

    guess my attempt to bold the words "and balloons" didnt work.. incase you were wondering why those <b>'s are there
  10. Zentaurus41
    Helium, well you do only have 8 years left to play with this gas.

    As for salvia corrupting kids, being used as date rape etc I just wish these bible bashing do goders will hurry up and die.
    We need some new young blood in power, not aload of old corrupt men, with semen stained pants from sucking each other off.
  11. Shiacmkmleer
    FIFY edit we use [-b-] (minus the minuses) and [-/-b-]
  12. entheogensmurf
    I was like reading this article like in disbelief. Like, don't they have anyone to counter these statements in Florida? It seems we need some like the cold hand of rebuttal love to stop this insanity.

    It's always been a curiosity to me, as to why they simply don't set an age limit such as 18. Even to use their own words, they heavily focus on the kids as their reason behind the plea for the legal status change. This is not to say they don't toss out the danger to society as a whole card but with Salvia it's generally been about the "kids."
  13. sg43
    Yep didn't see this one coming :p
  14. MachinaDeus
    If better minds could prevail they would but this is Florida, full of bible thumping retirees (at least they seem to be most of the population in swims area) dont think a word of sense has been spoken in a while in florida concerning drug policy. Its almost better to be caught driving drunk with a gun then toting a joint with the moral axe cops seem to just insist on grinding around here about weed (in my friend of a friends experience).

    Funny but the second the local high schoolers in swim's area caught word of the eventual illegality use has skyrocketed to what was a little known drug to the area from what has been anecdotally observed.
  15. tictac
    SWIM has never used Salvia and isnt sure if she really has any desire to. In SWIM's area buying it really is like going around the corner though do to all the headshops that double as beach wear stores between every other condo as far as the eye can see. Despite it being incredibly availible there though not one of SWIM's many drug using friends have ever done it and she has noticed the only people who seem to buy it are all the spring/summer break teens on vacation there. Although she would bet they have no idea what they're messing with. SWIM was approached by a group of very drunk spring breakers last year who asked if she wanted to try this really potent weed they had, Purple Salvia. Lol. The only person who SWIM knows that has tried it is in Alabama where it is sold only to 18+ and there seems to be no issue there about making it illegal.

    Florida is indeed for the most part filled with republican retirees but SWIM thinks that with time it could become more liberal as this states main industry is people coming here get fucked up and behave as wild as they can for a week. And we all know money is what really runs things.
  16. Panthers007
    What do you expect from a state where the residents have nick-named their execution device, fondly from interviews, 'Old Sparky?" Disney and car races. Old, helpless people - and rednecks. Florida is strange. When the United States Postal Service issued a series of stamps for every state, Florida was personified as an alligator snapping. The Floridian government exploded in anger. Denouncing the stamp/concept. The stamps were issued anyways.
  17. Lobsang
    I think the problem extends a lot further than Florids. Again we come to the conflict between those who want to "look in there" and those who will not let them. It is a question of suppression of thought. It breaks down to government and religion not wanting to allow individuals to think the way they please. There is no logic to it. Rational logic that is. The downfall of Salvia was Youtube. That was salvia's "Leary". The internet popularized salvia but also did salvia in. When you have videos of kids smoking salvia and falling down and going nuts plastered all over cyberspace sooner or later everything is going to hit the fan. Just as it did with LSD. It is very suprising that salvia has lasted this long. If people want to stop what happened with salvia society must be more globally changed to a new way of thinking. The tendency of visionaries is to think that changes will happen quickly many times. But the harsh truth is that things are not that way. Change takes a very long time. We shall not see changes in our lifetimes or those of our children with respect to issues like this. So I think the problem is a little bigger than "salvia" or "Florida". Though Florida is quite strange I know of no where else in the world that is not too far behind. :eek: :)
  18. Greenport
    Those bastards.

    Shows that, on a larger scale people are still entirely uneducated about psychedelics. People, yet again are going to freak out about it and it's going to be added to the list. Probably as "Emergency Schedule I"

    SwiM would bet money on it.

    How many states so far have banned the use of Salvia?
  19. dr_haldol
    They'd forbid ladders if you simply tell them you get occasionally high on them. And if you aren't careful enough you can fall down and get severely hurt.
    So, let's schedule ladders as Schedule I drug.
    Salvia is also illegal in Germany. It's a pity. No one condone's official research.

    Stuff to get high on? Let's just make it illegal. Humanity is missing dozens of medicines because of that stupid jurisdiction.

    Many other things are legal and can be controlled by means of law, just like opiates. And there is legal stuff sold from which you can get your high - DXM for example.
    This is the best point to see that drug laws don't follow any logic IMO. It doesn't matter wether you could be damaged or not, it just matters that someone could enhance his ego...Alexander Shulgin is absolutely right when comparing our times with the times of Galileo, about 350 years ago.
    Back then it was blasphemy (and you could get prosecuted and your life ruined) to tell that the world isn't the center of the universe, today it's the same with drugs.
    But, also like Shulgin, I'm pretty sure this attitude will change, as the center of the universe question did.
    At least I hope so.
  20. Shiacmkmleer
    the real problem is simply organization.
    The soccer mom/bible people are well organized. They have vast influence. They vote as a unit and are responsible for putting many of their own in office.
    If you compare them to the pro legalization crowd... well look at us. We don't have leaders. You can name people who preach on TV off the top of your head even though you've never seen them or heard what they've said, but how many normal people know who Rick Dobblin is? How many normal people can name a single group that is pro-legalization, or even pro investigation of psycho active substances?
    Frankly until we organize our selves. Until we can write 1000s of letters at the drop of hat. Until we conquer our fear of them knowing we exist, and exist my the millions in the United States, we will lose battles like this one.
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