Salvia D. now Illegal in the Sunshine State (FL).

By Antikhristos · Aug 8, 2008 · ·
  1. Antikhristos

    The powerful entheogen is now considered a schedule I substance in Florida.

    Awesome... f*** you very much Mr. Crist & Brandenburg.


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  1. runitsthepolice
    Luckily a swim i know picked up a few grams before the ban. Actually picked up the package on july 1st, what a naughty swim.
  2. fiveleggedrat
    Swim breaks laws as it is now, and this will not stop him.

    We deserve freedom with substances.
  3. dabullsef
    swim doesn't really see how this is going to affect salvia users in florida. he thinks it'll be the same deal as marijuana. good job useless ban!
  4. fiveleggedrat
    It'll be like, what, a fuckin' year before sellers ACTUALLY realize it's a felony now and stop shipping it here, just like it was with BZP and all those funny piperazines:p

    Whatev's. Salvia is important to protect though. Luckily it is probably the drug of choice for about 3 or 4 people, so most of the Drug world will carry on.
  5. sg43
    I knew something was up when I saw that guy from Florida selling a kilo for only $100 on ebay! lmao :p
  6. cra$h
    wow. now swim cant wait until something really bad happens to an illegal salvia user. like they get something laced. then hopefully someone will notice that the legal states have no problems, and maby LEARN!
  7. fiveleggedrat
    Sadly though, the world will blame the laced/dangerous drug on the "Just Say No" logic of that only losers do drugs, and that they deserve whatever happens to them.

    Swim can argue logically all day with his own family, but they still call him a loser and human scum and such because he smokes pot. They have no idea have many drugs Swim actually consumes.

    Another example: "Stupid druggie filth, if they actually werent losers and had a life, they would be ok." Swim responds with "Um, side effect of prohibition?" And they respond with "They should not be doing them anyways, it's illegal and stupid! Druggies deserve to die!"

    But this one hit Swim the hardest yet:

    "Druggies are the lowest form of people, and them all dying from overdose is just evolution, they do not deserve to live. Let them use drugs so they kill themselves all off, drugs are the modern day plague/virus, druggies are not humans..." etc.
  8. Eden
    Way to go Florida bureaucrats!What a friggin waste of taxpayer money.
  9. cra$h
    Drug users do deserve what happens to them. If you drink, and drive, and kill a person, you should be charged with murder. If you're tripping on acid, and run someone over, get charged with murder. Not every drug user is a junkie prowling the streets hunched over and dirty looking for someone to rob. Being reckless deserves consiquences, but it's not the drug's fault (entirely) but one's inability to have control over the drug. And if you overdose off percocet from too much apap, then you deserve it. Do some homework, knowlage is power. But swim understands how it's sometimes hard to detect laced drugs, like E, or weed.
  10. Panthers007
    It's all another show sponsored by Political-Piggies on Parade. "Vote for Me! I saved Buddy & Sis from the Mexican Terror-Weed - Salvia Dee!" Maybe someone should mail some Salvia (50X) to Rush Limbaugh. He's a respectable-druggie.
  11. Nacho
    Civil disobedience along with using our legislative system in the way it was meant ("We the people"). It's the only way.
  12. fiveleggedrat
    I am sorry, but if I went to purchase LSD and swim was given a lethal dose of DOC, for example, will you blame my death on my desire to use LSD, or the state for preventing me access from LSD?

    Using drugs does NOT mean I deserve to die. Using them irresponsibly does.
  13. Politicalchalk
    Swim would like to express his displeasure (for the second time, the first being the Bush-Gore recount) with FLA, America. However, Swim would like to remind his FLA friends about a clause in the constitution called Ex-post-facto. (Literally, "out of-after-the fact") --> One cannot be prosecuted for a crime that was commited before it was considered illegal. So, if one bought their S. divinorum (salvia) BEFORE it was made illegal (Swim assumes it's possession that's illegal, not ingestion), well...they COULD be prosecuted, but it would be in vain because it would be illegal prosecution. Ex post facto means they you can't be held accountable to a given crime if it's not a "crime" when you "commit" it. It would also be advisable to save one's receipts ~ after all, who knows when you bought that green psychedelic "substance"-matter over there?

    Swim agrees with Nacho -- the basis of our society is what's in philosophy called "The Social Contract" -- you give up certain civil liberties in order for the gov't to protect you. BUT, when the gov't fucks up, CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE MUST HAPPEN in order to demonstrate that they aren't holding up their end. If they're messing up, that's how you let them know.

    Also, hearing things like "druggies deserve to die" and "drug scum aren't human" -- boy, when anti-biotics for that terrible infection they have come around, it's fine. "Oh, you can do RX long as some guy named Mr. MD says that it's ok. But even if you take it according to the instructions, don't enjoy that buzz because you're scum and it's illegal..." -- this is why Swim thinks the CSA should be abolished and a new law enacted. A War on Drugs, on Terror, on Dissidents...."don't conform to society's norms? Well than, stay out of society!" Swim apologizes for ranting, but damnit, don't people realize drugs are a part of our culture, a part of the human experience since time immemorial??? See McKenna's "Stoned Ape Theory" for more details...but in essence, he says that, because we have specific drug receptors in our CNS, just like any other genetic feature, well than...doing drugs must have protected our ancestors. For instance, the plague: that's why the alcoholism gene survives to this day, it protects us. What did most people not having during the black plague? Purified drinking water. What's alcoholic beverages got lots of in it? Purified drinking water, not to mention that it speeds up removing toxins from the body.

    It's so strange though, S. divinorum (and note, that in latin declensions, -orum means that it's the "for all-" version of, "divination for all") is up for target...such long history in man, such short duration of action AND relative side-effects...people just don't understand what a drug is. Wether it affects the nervous system, your blood, your heart, fighting infection, whatever. They tell you in rehab "a drug is a drug is a drug" -- not for most people, only terrible druggie scum!

    Again, sorry to rant, but Swim strongly supports cognitive liberty. If we, as a society, really ambraced it outright and instituted safe guards...or as Tim Leary proposed, opening "Trip-therapy centers" for the greatest possible trip-outcomes...but no, cold sober suffering JUST BECAUSE people 20, 30 years ago who believed the mis-information (like hating pot-smokers because Nixon's hit list included....) bought into a lazy answer to a very complex issue.......

    If Swim doesn't steal money from people, kill people, or do anything else harmful to get his jollies off the rest of the night........and the US claims to protect individual freedom (......I guess as long as the people in charge share your view point), but only theirs, not everyones.....oh, this makes me so mad RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!!!

    How did they justify making it illegal? Did they cite any actual information, or just use the word "drug?" Has anyone here every had such a terrible, bad-trip type experience from salvia they think it causes an immediate and unreasonable threat to the general welfare of society, from salvia???

    Kinda reminds me of the way Stalin removed the churches in the USSR for many, many years. I guess it's back to spiking the church communion cookies, ere, wafers, for religious enlightenment......

    And finally to address the idea that "drugs are the next plague." Are they high? Or just afraid to try...don't get me wrong, irresponsible drug use can have serious consequences. Some times death. But that is probablility...some people have died from drugs as commonly prescribed as ibuprofen.

    Besides, don't our elected reps have bigger fish to fry? Nope, Swimmers MUST be the biggest fish to fry, because that older lady with glaucoma at the end of the street poses more of a threat than the organized violence of the gang in swim's neighborhood.

    Sorry to rant, I'll stop now. Rabble!
  14. Nacho
    I just wanted to say you didn't type all of that for no reason. I read it. Pretty well written too. I think some people just don't learn. That doesn't mean it isn't worth bringing it to their attention though. *goes off to fight for liberty*
  15. Joel90

    Well put!
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