Salvia Divinorum - A new high

By Euphoric · Nov 1, 2007 · ·
  1. Euphoric

    Things are looking grim for salvia...

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  1. Euthanatos93420
    Re: News: A New High

    Fuck....FUCK FUCK FUCK. Fuck....FUCK!


    FUCK! Fcuk 'em all. Fuckin' idiots.

    *rants some more*

    Guess it's true. Stupid people are everywhere. And they will win with sheer numbers and ignorance.
  2. mybloopwentsplat
    Re: New High

    do you have the story of the kid that offed himself? I think its a lie, and if not bad set setting, or other drugs were involved. SWIM tried 20x salvia mixed with an entire night of drinking the first time he tried it and the effects were disturbing. He couldnt tell when he was back, plus the entire time he was trying to peel himself from the damn couch! Also his friends' dog kept chewing on a bone which was rather annoying. and the shitty ass techno warped and was absolutely horrid!!!!
  3. zera
    Re: New High

    Oh noes! My sister told me how her coworker's friend's son knocked over a liquor store and kicked a puppy after overdosing on salvia, because he saw it on teh "UTube"
  4. Alicia
    Re: New High

    what a load of inaccurate media journalism bullshit. this is why she has nothing to do with media anymore. you tube is also a real pain in the ass when u get young ones toying with things which is then seen all over the world allowing people to process and read this puke.

    the fact the duration of salvia is so short when smoked im surprised people in the kid sense even find it worth while as comparing to weed for example. not having any understanding of its real uses. But then STUPID people also drink petrol too.
  5. joh1200
    Re: New High

    It is too bad that people don't care to look into a particular drug that they have an interest in doing. This is exactly why salvia is going down the path to becoming a regulated substance. The carelessness that people have towards drugs just amazes me. I mean, doesn't it seem like common sense to look into something before trying it?

    The carelessness of people just wanting to get "messed up" and the bias media are both contributing to these legal substances becoming illegal.

    At least this site is one place where SWIM or SWIY can get very informative information for a substance they have an interest in doing. Maybe if everyone would do a little bit of research, things would be much different in this situation :-\
  6. AquafinaOrbit
    Re: New High

    And people say we are making process in legalizing drugs, times like these though really show that to be a false hope. On another note, SWIM is was a bit sad when they saw the article was about Salvia as they were hoping for a new substance to try.
  7. Mr. Giraffe
    Re: New High

    Ignorant, stupid journalists + ignorant, stupid teenagers x ignorant, stupid politicians = ignorant, stupid drug laws
  8. truth
    Re: New High

    a few ruin it for the world. this is so annyoing. swim will be stocking up. swim lives in california though and it looks like it wont be illegal here. who knows now and days this world is unpredictable. its so sad, they can promote alcohol with hundereds of thousands of deaths annually, and sit back and laugh about it. But swim and swiys isnt allowed to sit in a room for 5 minutes and have an experience of a lifetime that can teach swim way more in 5 minutes then 10 years of life can. Swim thinks the people should start a revolution, too many of drug users are looked down upon as negative. swim would love to see a movement where all users get together to inform the world. otherwise it will all be gone soon. =(
  9. mybloopwentsplat
    Re: New High

    this is exactly what they dont want hombre. DO you really think they dont know the true aspects of drugs? they are afraid of the people waking up and seeing how things really are. Therefor they spread their propaganda and slanderous (spl) filth
  10. fnord
    Re: New High

    At least someone in power has a modicum of common sense.
  11. cra$h
    Re: New High

    NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN00000000000000000000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant even tell you how much I HATE youtube now. fucking kids dont even realizing they're fucking up the future of this "highly dangerous" drug. this is the end. I hate to say it, but the future is extremely grim..... it really is a shame. this drug doesnt do any harm, and swim has found that it helps things like depression and a general mood lift not only while high, but days afterwards....... I'm so pissed and sad right now. oh well..... it was fun while it lasted. now I guess I'll have to grow and extract my own......
  12. realitybias
    Re: New High

    Stock up now, it'll be worth something someday.
  13. DeweyOxburger
    Re: New High

    Unbelievable. A previous post mentioned someone robbing a store or some shit? SWIM experamented with Salvia , first 10x than 20x and finally 30x. SWIM heard about it online and purchased some the same way. 20x and up and a babysitter is recomended. SWIM's friends experiences included the following: one said he saw a train coming at him and he couldn't move , laid there on SWIM's floor for about an hour just repeating it over and over...didn't respond to any stimulus or attempt to communicate with him. BTY SWIM was the sitter at this time. SWIM's other friend on the other hand freaked out totally and attempted to jump out the front window of SWIM's house , real bizzare shit. Friend than proceded to slump to the floor and not movefor a long time. SWIM tried this stuff for the 1st couple of times alone (not recomended) but being a almost 25 year vet SWIM sometimes gets a little arrogant about trying new things alone , indestructable and all , lol. SWIM sat in a room by self , with bassett hound dog and saw about 20 or so people appear and have a social gathering behind SWIM. The only thing that SWIM could compare it to is the scene from the Shining when Jack is in the bar and all the people appear who are not really there. SWIM told self over and over again it wasn't real but that didn't matter. Actually a little freaky to be honest. I guess my point is SWIM can definantly see someone jumping off of a roof , running in traffic or doing some serious stupid shit on Salvia. Kid's and people without a sitter trying it in powerful forms are just asking for trouble in SWIM's opinion. However , SWIM does not believe it should be illegal. SWIM thinks that after you grow up whatever you want to put in your body is your business as long as you are not beating your wife , kid's etc. (makes you wonder why alchahol is legal when compared to the shit that isn't , does more harm to people/families than anything else SWIM has ever seen hands down). But mob mentalitly is sure to rule and soon Salvia will be illegal everywhere I have no doubt. SWIM has seen this coming for almost 2 years now and has bee stocking up and encouraging friends to do the same as everything SWIM has read says this shit is a bitch to grow. If anyone out there feels this stuff should be cool for kids or groups of teens though you are just nuts. Than again we do have a population problem and weeding out the idiots through bad trips/death isn't all bad , just bad for those uf us in the world like SWIM who would like to stop giving an excuse for the goverment to opress us further.
  14. Doublefields
    Re: New High

    I think the fact they're saying its a 'new' drug just about sums up how much research goes into this so-called journalism.
  15. fnord
    Re: New High

    If you want to help save it please check this thread for a good start,besides this you can organize a letter writing campaign with your friends to(intelligently) explain to your lawmakers why salvia should be kept legal.

    If anyone needs help figuring out who to wrtie to in there state plase PM me and ill do my best to assist you.
  16. vinylmesh
    Re: New High

    The kid didn't kill himself while on salvia.

    He killed himself while sober. He just happened to be a salvia user.I read about it on erowid somewhere.
  17. afarmer
    Re: New High


    I knew the flood of negative propaganda would be soon.

    Best stock up on it now.
  18. apotheoasis
    Re: New High

    Salvia isn't a dangerous drug if used appropriately.
    its not a party drug, you must do it with someone sober so that they can watch you, and stop you from doing anything stupid.
    I had a friend once who took salvia and tried to get into a car, but a sober person was there to stop him.
    Its only idiots that make stupid decisions, and decide to record themselves tripping out that are making it dangerous.
    Its an all around fun drug, if you take it properly
  19. Lobsang
    Re: New High

    The bottom line is that any substance that is like salvia will be made illegal by the DEA whether it dangerous or not. And whether it has any medical benefit or not. The DEA does not play by the rules and in time salvia will go federal schedule 1. Now based on the DEA's logic they could say salvia was schedule 1 now. You see it could be considered an analog by the DEA. Because the DEA in there crazy logic beleives that an analog is not only a chemical similar to an illegal drug. But one with similar effects. And as far as the DEA goes salvia makes one trip and so does LSD. So therefore they would beleive salvia is an analog of LSD. This is very screwed up logic. But that is how these guys think. So eventually they will make salvia illegal in the USA.

    And obviously Youtube has not helped. In fact it is the thing that will kill salvia. Salvia did not need a Tim Leary. It had Youtube. So by all means fight the good fight. For the sake of principle try and keep salvia legal. However this is very unlikely to happen at all. So the logical course of action would be to stock up on salvia. SWIM hears that it would keep for like a decade stored properly.
  20. drug-bot
    Re: New High

    swims going up to hampton beach(previously planned, not w/ salvia in mind) today and a local store on the board walk sells it so guess whose stocking up?

    fuck the media, fuck the goverment, and fuck all the sheep who never question.
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