Salvia illegal in louisiana

By RoboCop · Jul 7, 2005 · ·
  1. RoboCop
    It has Begun.


    On June 28, 2005 Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco signed into law House
    Bill 20. The new law, called Act No. 159, goes into effect on August 15,
    2005. Beginning on that date, it will be illegal to possess, manufacture, or
    distribute Salvia divinorum in Louisiana. The law applies to the plant
    material itself, as well as mixtures that contain it and preparations made
    from it. The penalty for possession is imprisonment with or without hard
    labor for not more than 5 years and, in addition, a possible fine of up to
    $5,000. The penalty for manufacture or distribution is imprisonment with or
    without hard labor for not less than 2 years nor more than 10 years and, in
    addition, a possible fine of up to $20,000.
    The new law applies to numerous "hallucinogenic" plants and fungi, not just
    Salvia divinorum. The law only applies when the material is intended for
    human consumption. It does not apply to the possession, planting,
    cultivation, growing, or harvesting of a hallucinogenic plant strictly for
    aesthetic, landscaping, or decorative purposes.

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  1. Montgolfier
    That is bad news indeed! [​IMG]
  2. OiledMandible
    This is undoubtedly the first domino to fall. Arrr.....hate to sound pissy, but fuck the government's drug laws.
  3. unico_walker
    But the law has the biggest loop-hole imaginable, this won't stop
    anyone from growing their own, About the only thing this stops is the
    sale of extracts.
  4. stalefishpeter
    More the reason to stack up on Salvia next paycheck!

    How long you think it will be before it's illegal everwhere? Is Austratlia the only country that has it illegal?
  5. sands of time
    Yes, but most people will not take the time to grow it. Look at opium poppies... Those are legal to grow, but opium is very hard to find in the states.
  6. stalefishpeter
    Opium isn't legal to grow. If you pass it off as a weed, then it is, but you aren't allowed to cultivate it.
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