Salvia is about finished in the United States

By Zero Tolerance · Aug 24, 2007 · ·
  1. Zero Tolerance
    Thanks to YouTube, it was only a matter of time before the sky came falling down in the United States...

    I've only tried Salvia once.. It was 20X and it was extremely interesting. I had no warning before I slipped into Salvia land, and as I was coming back to reality, I was nervous, not sure where I was - who's house I was in - and if anyone was home...

    Yes, it was a very interesting experience that I'd love to delve more into one day. This experience was a couple of months ago. I did it alone and I can see why I either need a sitter or to be someplace very safe where I cannot 'get out' or hurt..

    That being said, I'm worried about the future legality of Salvia.. Yes, it's on it's way to being scheduled in the United States. My initial thought was to buy as much as I can afford to, and store it for use throughout the rest of my life.

    The Salvia experience is one that I feel is very unfair to have taken away from me.

    How long do the extracts last in storage? I'm guessing a few months to a year at best.. I suppose this means that no matter how much I buy, I'll only be able to experience Salvia for about one year after it's scheduled...

    Does anyone have any advice in regards to storing Salvia?

    Thanks in advance...

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  1. keats
    Could you provide some information/links of where you've heard salvia is going to be scheduled in the US? I wouldn't be surprised, and I know some states have already banned it, but I hadn't heard anything definite yet, got some new info?
  2. Zero Tolerance
    Saturday, July 21, 2007 / volume 5 number 14
    The Salvia divinorum Research and Information Center (SDRIC)


    I have been informed that the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
    recently initiated an Eight Factor Analysis of Salvia divinorum. The
    Controlled Substances Act requires that this analysis be performed before a
    substance can be scheduled as a controlled substance. The eight factors
    considered are:

    * Actual and potential for abuse
    * Pharmacology
    * Other current scientific knowledge
    * History and current pattern of abuse
    * Scope, duration, and significance of abuse
    * Public health risk
    * Psychic or physiological dependence liability
    * If an immediate precursor of a controlled substance

    Based on the results of the analysis, the DEA may recommend that Salvia
    divinorum be scheduled as a controlled substance. This analysis will
    probably take several months to be completed. I will provide further updates
    here as more information becomes available.
  3. bcubed
    One thing that comes to mind is to store it somewhere cool and dark that is anoxic(no O2). What comes to mind is a 5-gal carboy (the "bucket" type, food safe plastic w/ airlock.) Toss in your Salvia, toss in some dry ice (not in contact w/ Salvia) to get the air out. Leave it in a dark place (say a cellar) as long as SWIY needs. If SWIY get SWIY's salvia into a high extract state first, SWIY should have a lifetime supply. (It might help if SWIY vaccuum bagged it first, to have a measure of redundancy.)

    Also, I don't think that Salvia will be a high-demand drug in an illegal setting, so detection effors should be minimal. SWIY could extract the Sal-A, soak it into tobacco as needed, and this should not be suspicious.
  4. Motorhead
    Swim wouldn't worry so much about getting salvia in the future-making something illegal certainly doesn't mean it will disappear. It will just end up on the black market like everything else and/or perhaps we will see a bigger interest in 'Growing your own Salvia.'

    It certainly sucks though that Salvia users will face the risk of prosecution.
  5. Zero Tolerance
    Thank you. I only buy the extracts so I hope I can buy enough and just keep it around for a long, long time..

    Otherwise.. It really is insane how our government can tell me that I cannot experience Salvia.. It's really unbelievable..
  6. BackToBasics
    Budgie had some 20x Salvia that he just kept in a drawer in his bedroom for about twelve months, and it was just as good as when he brought it. He's not sure whether that's a general thing with Salvia though.

    As for the Scheduling thing, he's not at all surprised, it was only a matter of time...
  7. jux
    the top things that are killing salvia's legality:

    1) the commercialization of salvia ie: salvia with brand names, flavors, and other stupid marketing tricks. seriously, this shit draws uneccesary attention...(if i hear the words "purple sticky salvia" one more time i will fucking scream.)

    2) online vendors and headshops selling to minors you want a substance banned quick? sell it to kids... the politicions eat that shit up

    3) videos on youtube do i even need to talk about this one? these videos have already been shown in hearings in several states during the disscussion of salvia prohibition. seriously, these videos are awful, and the assholes posting them can take a big chunk of the credit when salvia become scheduled.

    4) media spin...this speaks for itself...when was the last time you have seen a news report regarding salvia that was actually well informed? most compare it to acid (wrong) ive seen others that compared it to weed (even more wrong)...every report i have seen is riddled with factual errors.
  8. WeDieLaughing
    How are the vids on youtube awful? They show fine examples of salvia trips in most cases, the sandwich vid a notable exception. The fact that the user ends up laughing like an idiot is to be expected, because despite what some snobs say, thats one of the things that salvia does. When SWIM chews salvia to the point of ego death, he'd damn well better laugh and play and spout trippy nonsense. Should he do something crazy like sit in the dark and get into a monologue about the effects of salvia, he's likely going to annihilate his mind. The vids cut both ways. They show salvia as it is to people interested in trying it and to people interested in killing it.
  9. Heretic.Ape.
    Please do not post links to commercial sites of any kind.

    Here's an article relevant to the discussion.

    Drive to ban hallucinogen Salvia watched closely
    Scientists interested in potential medical benefits.

    By Sarah Viren
    Friday, August 24, 2007
    HOUSTON — A drug discovered by Mexican shamans has hooked both scientists and the YouTube set.
    These groups, among others, are cautiously tracking moves to ban Salvia divinorum, an herbal hallucinogen used spiritually by Mazatec Indians, and increasingly popular among teens and college students, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
    Scientists hope the drug, sometimes referred to as "diviners sage" and "magic mint," might lead to new treatments for some diseases.
    Available at smoke shops and from Internet distributors, Salvia has been spotted in Texas school districts — including in the Waco area, where a state lawmaker has vowed to outlaw it — and college campuses, according to Drug Enforcement Administration officials. It is still legal in most places.
    Austin officials say they haven't seen evidence of the drug. Police Department spokeswoman Laura Albrecht said police were not aware of Salvia in Austin. Austin school district spokeswoman Kathy Anthony said district police "have had no reported use of this substance, and it's not showing up in schools."
    But if social networking sites are any indication, at least some Texas teenagers are using it. The drug is getting the most attention, though, at the video-sharing Web site YouTube, where contributors post clips of their Salvia "trips." Some feature kids smoking the plant alone in their rooms and then laughing hysterically.
    Typically, Salvia's effects last for a couple of minutes to an hour. Users often appear incoherent and talk of out-of-body experiences.
    Bryan Roth, director of the National Institute on Mental Health's Psychoactive Drug Screening Program, is interested in those videos. Also a professor of pharmacology, Roth bought a specimen in 2000 and discovered that the drug targets just one receptor in the brain. Since then, "a small army" of researchers has begun looking into Salvia's potential benefits, he said.
    At least six states and eight countries have passed laws regulating Salvia. "Anyone under the age of 20 knows about it," said state Rep. Charles "Doc" Anderson, a Waco Republican who tried to ban Salvia in the last legislative session. His bill died, but he said he plans to revive it next session.
    Additional material from staff writer Miguel Liscano.

    Find this article at:
  10. BackToBasics
    Read swiJux's post above swiyours. Says it all really! How does watching some nob-ends filming themselves on Salvia teach anybody anything? The only thing it's gonna do is get said substance scheduled quicker.
  11. nEone
    They're awful because they show the EXTERNAL effects of a very INTERNAL experience. They allow for interpretation that seems informed when it is in fact, entirely impossible to judge what Salvia "is" from those videos.

    People who post those kinds of videos in public forums are giving fuel to legislation - plain and simple. From an uninformed perspective - those (mostly) kids display a manic euphoria rapidly followed by fear or disturbing expressions, they talk nonsense and exhibit very intense emotions - and all of that screams DANGER.

    No amount of angry/frustrated exclamation of "but it's part of the experience!" will convince someone who ALREADY thinks along the lines of "drugs are bad" that Salvia can be approached safely and sanely.

    In a generous frame of mind, posting that kind of video is just stupid. In a vindictive frame of mind, it's selfish, egotistical and childish because the ONLY outcome is a negative one - and that messes it up for every one of us.

    Maybe it's a fearful way to act - but there's a reason why the best and most informative forums are heavily self-moderated, semi-private affairs (like this one). Putting unfiltered experiences in front of the public eye only serves to increase misguided awareness and misunderstanding.

    Some one once told me that drug use is simply "mental masturbation". Fine.

    Use that analogy. Even though lots of people do it, and enjoy it...and it's been done for centuries by indigenous people with no ill-effect - it's still a private thing that will only be met with poor reactions if done in public.

    So - to everyone considering putting up a video of their experiences - please, for the sake of all of us - stop jerking-off on in public.
  12. Jacco
    It's my understanding that the DEA has been kicking the idea around for years and that it's been an "item of concern" for some while. Did something new just happen?

    If it doesn't get scheduled, it'll probably be because it's
    A) way too intense/produces bad trips or
    B) doesn't work for many users.

    Hopefully the DEA will keep their mitts off of this one.
  13. methMADMAN

    Next thing ya know the FDA will outlaw all use of any plant matter for any purpose unless it is distributed by a licensed grocer.
  14. pipolito
    just grow it
  15. Salvinorin A
    Growing sadly only produces a number of yields. Some people only enjoy trips off of high extracts..or a lot of a lower one. People need great quantities of leaves.

    Depends how swiy extracts it too, swim bought a kilo...and can make about a 3 year supply if swim did it once every that's efficient extraction.

    swim thinks it'll be a while, they'll just find out the same info we already know...not habit formin...medicinal potential in research, little potential of abuse...etc. I predict a few more states will give way, but it'll be a while before becoming federally scheduled...if at all.

    It's good to think positive and be active in government.
  16. Jerc
    swim thinks it will be a very hard thing to make a sage completely illegal....most likely it will only be illegal to make extracts yes it is banned in some states but swim highly doubts a cop could tell the diff between salvia d and some other sage it would be nearly impossible to enforce
  17. x cynic x
    Its all speculation but very proabable knowing the objective of our legislature.
  18. kakakaka
    Swim has to agree after watching the youtube videos that its not helping sally at all. Posting videos of people tripping on salvia is just drawing more attention to a substance and therefore more people find out and abuse it.

    Take Datura for example 99/100 ppl dont even know it exists hence it not even being a controlled substance almost everywhere in the world. Someone starts posting vidoes of that on YouTube, stupid people think it looks like a prolonged Salvia trip or similar to LSD, even more stupid people deside to try it ...................... then bang there out of reality for 3 days not knowing what the hell is happening.

    Ok Salvia isnt as extreme as Datura but its the same principals behind whats happening here.
  19. Jerc
    all we can do is wait.........and then start a revolution
  20. WeDieLaughing
    Neone has a solid point. I have to agree.
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