Salvia is new drug of choice for teens

By Euphoric · Nov 12, 2007 · ·
  1. Euphoric

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  1. NexxuS
    Re: News:Salvia is new drug of choice for teens

    i cant belive there calling it a "new age lsd". One death dose not make salvia a dangurose substance either. i hate it when the goverment dose things like this.
  2. Mint boi
    Re: News:Salvia is new drug of choice for teens

    The death wasn't even really salvia related. The kid was depressed. The parents just wanted to blame something other than themselves.
  3. Bajeda
    Re: News:Salvia is new drug of choice for teens

    Looks at title

    Looks at opening sentences

    Lets look a few lines down now.

    A few more lines down....

    Few more lines...

    Well, considering that the first portion of the article is entirely useless and seemingly pulled out of thing air, lets move on to the rest of the fun stuff!

    I can accept Salvia being commonly referred to as a psychedelic, though there are so many aspects to the plant the designation it feels misleading, but what is up with all the Salvia - LSD comparisons? Do people just think 'trip' and lsd is the first thing that comes to mind so they just associate it with that? What is even the point of associating it with LSD, as if so many anxious and fearful readers will even have a clue what the comparison would entail.

    Wow, a credit card!! Its not like you can't buy alcohol or cigarettes with one of those! Oh no, the humanity of it all. I wonder if they stopped to consider that online ordering can actually be harder for underage people to get by with than just going to a headshop with an older friend.

    And of course there are no directions or warnings for use, the manufacturers/cultivators/vendors need to avoid referencing the fact that the products they are selling are indeed meant for recreational consumption. Maybe if people weren't freaking out about this and creating a little furor it would be socially and legally acceptable for all vendors to provide more extensive information with their products. At least we have the Internet. Three minutes of quick searching and browsing would net you more useful information than what you'd get if you tried talking to the bozos quoted in this article.

    So they mention a suicide in relation to Salvia early on, ok, got some life-death stuff, good good.

    Legislation in other states putting Salvia in the same category as Heroin, Cocaine, and god-forbid, LSD, is mentioned. Better yet, people can just assume they are equally bad without needing to bother to do any research.

    A random state law-maker says the herb is dangerous, especially for teens. And he seems to base this on.....

    Then with the credit cards and advertising and hinting that its pandora's box waiting to be opened because some teen may use some without reading instructions. Whoops, why won't they provide guides for use again?

    Then a fairly reasonable statement by the girl, followed by a counter from the great O'Bannon that he sees the risks as outweighing the benefits and his mighty neurology background should be enough to convince people in lieu of logic and rationality.

    Then the whole mess ends with random tidbits of information that say nothing really. Salvia is a 'drug of concern' apparently, but no need to explain what exactly that means. Maybe you should be concerned too! Particularly about the "powerful high", which again we know nothing about from the article, it could be like Heroin for all the readers know, and oh by the way its not addictive.

    Sorry for the rant, but its been a stressful day and this article is rather irritating. I'd rather read a raging polemic on the evil Satanic uses of Salvia than this really. At least it would be entertaining. I don't know if the writer intended to write an article biased against Salvia, or if he wanted to balance the piece but just sucks at writing.

    Moving on.... Please try to refrain from posting News Articles that don't really add anything novel or useful to the forums. Any new legislative developments, Salvia related occurrences of note, research updates, or even background articles that give a good overall summary of current affairs, etc. are good to have.

    The only information I really obtained from this is that Del. John O'Bannon is trying to get the VA legislature to discuss legislation regarding Salvia after failing previously, he doesn't seem to debate drug legislation any better than the next politician despite whatever involvement in neurology he may have, and that Andria Borba should find a new profession as journalism isn't her strong suit.
  4. trptamene
    Re: News:Salvia is new drug of choice for teens

    hmmm...interesting...I thought the point was to compile all the articles related to drugs, the good, the bad, and the ugly. But I guess all this really does is introduce noise, albeit somewhat contained.

    Incorporating your suggestions will probably also make H.A's life much easier, the drug news forum has 60+ pages...that is 3-20 times the amount most other forums have. I wonder how much this could be reduced if we were to go through and take out all the articles that "don't really add anything novel or useful to the forums."
  5. static_vodka_420
  6. Mint boi
    Re: News:Salvia is new drug of choice for teens

    These salvia articles are a dime a dozen, there have been at least three posted in the last week that all say the same thing in a different way. As you say this just adds to the bulk of the forum pointlessly.

    Althought cocaine is not a narcotic it is classified under narcotics in the us controlled substance act ... i think... so i guess that could be where they're coming from.
    LSD??? I have no idea!!
  7. Euphoric
    Re: News:Salvia is new drug of choice for teens

    Sorry, I'll try to be more selective when it comes to news sharing. It's hard to know what will be appreciated though, and I think it's good to have a good deal of resources available here for examining media portrayals of drugs. Perhaps it could inspire readers to take some action in their area. I will try to avoid repetition at least, if there's already a fair amount of posts representing one side of an argument and if the article does not mention any new developments.
  8. Bajeda
    Re: News:Salvia is new drug of choice for teens

    The term 'narcotic' is used in two ways. There is the medical usage, which is essentially the correct definition, and then there is the legal usage. Some people in the government felt narcotic was a good word to refer to drugs in general so they just use it to refer to anything they feel like. Narcotic is used colloquially to refer to just about any drug, thanks to the ignorance of those whose job it is to enforce drug legislation.
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