Salvia on CNN front page

By Mezza · Apr 28, 2008 · ·
  1. Mezza

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  1. N0ly
    There seems to be a high amount of salvia talk lately. I would not be surprised to see it become illegal within the year.
  2. AquafinaOrbit
    Banning something because it makes people laugh for a few minutes? Freedom of this nation makes me laugh.
  3. Matches
    Fucking idiots.

    Flag these videos as substance abuse, but don't post in them. Anything is taboo and scrutinized otherwise.

    By videos I mean the dipshits on YouTube who will lead to the destruction of this species.
  4. Salvinorin A
    This "balanced" report is only as balanced as CNN can offer....

    Youtube Videos of teens getting confused out of their minds.....a guy cutting himself on a can....leaving out parts about medicinal research.

    Ugh....this is absolutely ridiculous...but it's not like anything can be done about it. As for Anthony Adams, while swim does support his bill.......swim was massively opposed to his first attempt...which was throw salvia into schedule I.....he's no hero.

    SWIM could also rant on and on about Chidester and the way the media exploits her (and how she exploits her son in her ignorant battle against a plant)....but it's just unnecessary.

    Oh well, swim still has hope. For one....California..unlike a lot of these ignorant state legislatures in the mid-US, has at least some resistance to these laws....but that's because there are famous salvia supporters here (Siebert for example....were there any other states that tried to get salvia illegal and failed?). Still, there are all kinds of talks about medicinal we'll see.

    But that's just California.....on a federal level...swim isn't tremendously worried either. While SWIM lacks trust in the DEA, swim would still like to see its bullshitting abilities when they spend years studying salvia divinorum and come up with absolutely no research suggesting harm to the user. Maybe they'll even find medicinal uses. The fact that it didn't become illegal back in 2002 was really lucky (based on the grounds that it was so pharmacologically different from anything else).....swim is sure that that excuse won't cut it if it's brought up again.

    SWIM thinks the only thing that can be done now is to do things like what Adams is pushing for....making it harder for teens, who do not care about anyone else, to use salvia (the best plan would have been to just keep salvia low on the radar...but it's way too late for that). It isn't too common amongst adults...and swim can't see how it would be anyway....for the typical stoner kid.....there is almost no reason NOT to try salvia when he/she is bored and out of weed, making it illegal will definitely help...even if it'd probably only be by a little.

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