Salvia on 'The Morning Show'

By Mezza · Mar 25, 2008 · ·
  1. Mezza
    Right now, Salvia is being disussed on 'The Morning Show', a typical AM talk show with your usual cast of characters:

    They've got a panel of people discussing the drug, and its pretty obvious its been set up to create fear and hysteria in the typical viewer. Basically its college kids vs 'the experts' - and these experts are your typical mainstream physicians quoting blatant lies and stating them as fact. Par for the course I guess, but sad to see nontheless.

    They mentioned the deludge of YouTube salvia trip videos as cause for the recent awareness of Salvia. And of course they showed a few...I can't imagine any parent at home right now isnt writing their congressman demanding they protect their children. In fact I believe I heard the phrase 'protect our children' stated in vehemance from the 'experts' on the show more than once.

    This sudden surge in bad publicity is going to be the nail in the coffin folks. I knew this was coming when those trip vids started cropping up on the internet...

    While it disgusts me to see such a wonderful plant shed in a negative light be ignorant people - it's even more unnerving that anyone would be so stupid as to think that posting videos of themselves acting irresponsibly while using this herb would lead to anything but its inevitable scheduling.


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  1. sonoson
    yes, it's really sad. I dont have any doubt that it is going to be illegal soon. Better get some now :(. the story about the kid who killed himself "because of salvia" is bullshit.
  2. Hyperspaceblastoff
    wow i watched that episode
    such ridiculous arguments
    very laughable
  3. Mezza
    Yeah it was pathetic. The 'experts' were laughably ignorant, and the people the brought on in favor of the plant didnt do very well presenting their arguments, however valid they may have been. The one hardcore looking kid was just a joke - a typical example of the kind of people that are going to drive this plant to schedule 1 status.
  4. curious1
  5. kaczynski
    Wow..Yeah, god forbid they bring in intelligent, informed people when the topic is drugs.
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