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Salvia survivor calls Miley Cyrus irresponsible

  1. phenythylamine
    After the TMZ video of Miley Cyrus allegedly smoking salvia went viral, a Burnaby, B.C. woman is warning that the drug is extremely dangerous after she seriously injured herself while high.

    Salvia, which is legal in California, is readily available in Vancouver despite being illegal in Canada. Although it's not a controlled substance like cocaine or marijuana, Health Canada has not authorized the sale of salvia, and says that sale of the substance contravenes the Food and Drug Act.

    The hallucinogen causes an intense high that lasts a couple minutes when smoked.

    Cassie Walde found out about the dangers of salvia the hard way when she unknowingly jumped out of a third storey window after smoking the plant extract. It was her third time trying the drug.

    "I'm lucky to be alive," she said. "I had a high. It was really intense -- really confusing -- and I woke up outside on the pavement three stories down screaming."

    Walde now has scars where surgeons reconstructed her shattered jawbone and where a breathing tube had to be inserted. She is still missing many of her teeth.

    Walde thinks that Cyrus has set a bad example by smoking the drug and is warning others not to mimic the teen idol.

    "I think it's irresponsible of her," she said. "With this Miley Cyrus thing they're going to see this and think it's no big deal and go out on a whim and take a hoot and end up like me."

    But those who sell the seed insist that Walde's horror story isn't a normal reaction to the drug.

    Rebecca Ambrose from the Vancouver Seed Bank defends Cyrus's decision to smoke the drug.

    "She is an adult legally," Ambrose said. "She's allowed to make her own choices and it is technically legal so she can experiment. It's O.K."

    But Walde strongly disagrees.

    "It's quite dangerous and many harmful things can happen because you just completely lose sense of reality," she said.

    With a report from CTV British Columbia's Sarah Galashan
    By: ctvbc.ca
    Date: Tuesday Dec. 14, 2010


    There is a news video clip on the story linked to above

    Salvia is not that dangerous, this idiot should have been responsible and used a sitter, especially with such a powerfull psychedelic/dissociative.
    Please guys, be responsible, I really dont want to see another ethnobotanical get banned, I honestly dont see salvia, HBWR, amanitas, and kratom being around that long, especially because they are all so widely available in headshops and with idiots like this on TV.


  1. RealGanjaMan
    Re: Moron who jumped out of a window, critisizes miley cyrus for smoking salvia.

    This this whole thing has become a bit ridiculous. It's hard to imagine the DEA will let this one slide right by them. Salvia hasn't been under the radar in the US for some time now. Maybe this will be the icing on the cake?
  2. Moving Pictures
    Re: Moron who jumped out of a window, critisizes miley cyrus for smoking salvia.

    Kratom, HBWR, amanitas aren't going anywhere for awhile. They aren't on the radar. I'm just saying, no one really has heard about them. Well, I'm sure the DEA knows about them but realizes they aren't that big of a problem. Salvia is very, very intense and people do seriously freak out on it, even if they have a sitter. That's why it's being talked about so much. A year or two ago it was all over the media but Miley just gave it a bump.

    I'm not saying it should be illegal, I honestly don't care one way or another, I'm just saying it is a very powerful drug. If someone injures themselves while under the influence, it is not the drugs fault, it's the persons fault for taking the drug.

    Miley didn't/isn't going to sink the salvia ship. It's been in the media for a long while. They got rid of it early 2008 or so here in KY. It's mainly cus all those dumbshits that made youtube videos of them tripping out on it. Also the headshops not warning how serious it is. When my friend bought some, the only thing the guy said was "don't do it while your driving". That's good advice but he did not say anything about how powerful this shit it.

    Salvia is fucking crazy, imo. It hits you way harder than crack or shooting up. And you think everything is real, you don't realize you're tripping until the end of it. Personally, my friend found it very dysphoric and very physicaly uncomfortable. He will say he doesn't regret any of the trips but they were extremly intense.

    I'm rambling here but salvia is very strong. This is an extreme case but it's not that surprising. Of course there is a jump (no pun intended, lol) in sales since Miley smoked the shit but it will fade away soon enough. Or it will be banned.


    Phen, you need to post a link for your article. TIA, man.
  3. Enlightenment
    Re: Moron who jumped out of a window, critisizes miley cyrus for smoking salvia.

    Hopefully not. Salvia isn't necessarily the most enjoyable of substances in my pet capuchin's opinion, but nonetheless it's relatively harmless unless you're an idiot like this woman.
    Let's just hope that the DEA doesn't exploit this for what it seems like on the surface.
    Phenythylamine is right on - people must be more responsible in all areas of drug use. Jumping out of a window was not anyone's fault but hers, there are obviously many things she could've done to prevent it. Don't do or take anything without fully understanding the consequences of said actions.
    Hopefully this doesn't ruin salvia's chances of remaining legal federally. Swim always found it to be a substance that curious people could try to get a taste of a hallucinogen, and for most people it turns them off from the whole idea haha. You have to let people live a little and make their own decisions, our job is to not restrict them in what they can choose to do or not do, but rather make sure they have the correct information to make an informed decision
  4. phenythylamine
    Re: Moron who jumped out of a window, critisizes miley cyrus for smoking salvia.

    Terrible example MP. relating salvia to crack or shooting up, salvia is a psychedelic with no possibility for addiction, exhibits a reverse tolerance, and dysphoria is all relative, what is disphoric to some may be intensly pleasurable to others. just look at datura and diphenhydramine, some people hate it and think its the worst feeling in the world (afoaf is one of them,) but some people love the delerious state of mind it puts them in.

    and yes you are right, its the persons fault for taking the drug in an irresponsible manner, not the drugs fault.
  5. Moving Pictures
    Re: Moron who jumped out of a window, critisizes miley cyrus for smoking salvia.

    I'm not comparing the feeling, I'm comparing the onset. It hits you faster than crack or shooting up. Of course it is no way like those two. It has an extremly quick onset when smoked. That was my point.

    I also said "personally" my friend felt that it is dysphoric. I didn't say it was dysphoric in general. Some peole feel amazing from meth, my friend feels horrible when he is on it. Like you said, it is all relative. Still though, I am surprised how many people actually like it. The trips just seem to be very dark for my bud. Though he's had a couple where he went into delerious laughing fits...
  6. TicksAndLeaches
    For my cat Salvia was a great and wonderful substance that helped him out of a rut and rediscover the beauty of life. But we let sensationalist stories like this one take hold of the news. Why don't they ever listen to Bill Hicks' advice and report a positive drug story? For many such as my cat salvia has helped in their lives but one bad story of an idiot jumping out of a window could ruin the experience for many. Its all about drug responsibility obviously this person took too big of a hit without researching how powerful the drug is and then did something stupid. My cat has known people who beer bong hard alcohol and then have to go the hospital, so should alcohol be illegal because some idiots can't handle themselves?
  7. phenythylamine
    It is a very uncomfortable experience for afoaf as well, but he has put himself through much worse. afoaf doesent do psychedelics for fun, he does it because he likes exploring his mind, he likes to go places where few people have ever been, take his 2-methoxymethyl-salvinorin B experience for example, he has never felt so dysphoric, so out of place in the universe in his life, but he would take it again if the oppertunity presents itself, what I am trying to say is that not everyone takes chemicals for enjoyment.

    afoaf has experienced those laughing fits too, it is not enjoyable, afoaf doesent mean to laugh, but he cant help it, its like an autonomous response.
  8. static_vodka_420
    swims tired of the media killing his favorite drugs his Oxycontin OC, his gel based fentanyl, his salvia, his mephedrone, all the way back througfh history in every national drug panic... they all tell overexxagerated storiues emphasizing abuse by children or minorities and false claims of damging effects the american press needs a new past time this is rediculous -swim0-
  9. platitude
    It wasn't Salvia what injured this woman, it was Disney Channel...
    Seriously, for what I can understand from the article, this is an adult woman who smoked Salvia because she saw Hanna Montana doing it... I mean WTF!?!?! Good luck she is not a "Jackass" fan, otherwise she'd have killed herserlf long time ago...
    Clearly there is a drug that is far more dangerous than Salvia and it's called "television"
  10. EscapeDummy
    Source please? Swim has heard this "reverse tolerance" thing before but is disinclined to believe any physiological mechanism could result in a reverse tolerance.

    Besides that, swim completely agrees with the sentiments in this topic. What an idiot, blaming Miley Cyrus as a bad role model/irresponsible. A lot easier to place the blame on someone else isn't it?

    I never though I'd be sticking up for Miley Cyrus, for any reason, ever, but this salvia fiasco has done just that. She's 18, she's going to party and have fun, she's not a fucking role model. Celebrities are NOT role models, I don't give a fuck who they are. They aren't here to babysit you or tell you what to do with their life. They're regular people whose profession happened to result in their life being exposed to the world, that's it. Swim could give you a long list of his alcohol-related injuries but blaming them on celebrity X or Y is fucking idiocy.
  11. MadShroomer
    I love how they end the article with:
    Oh sure and cigarettes and alcohol aren't dangerous? they're legal? What about cough syrup? People like this upset me and make me sad inside :( Miley Cyrus isn't Hanna Montanan she's a HIPPIE CHICK hanging out with stoners the video proves it :p
  12. cra$h
    my thoughts exactly. To ban this drug, they should take a nationwide poll asking if people want it illegal, legal, or don't care (legal). The results would be interesting
  13. WhiteDreams
    Now I had to comment that is so funny and so true, Miley is not irresponsible she is an experimenting adult living her life like we all are . People think celebrity shouldn't do certain things I think that is a load of shit take responsibilty for your ownself and if you feel as though you can't handle it don't try it..........Just a tip

    Don't listen to anything or anyone telling you to jump out of a window
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