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  1. Samadhi
    Pt. I
    The Beginning of the End…It Walks Shadowed

    Another moon…another birth brought enlightened and made clay to skin by the creators.

    "Such plans I have for you" they spoke in phlegmatic understatement.

    "If the memory goes unnamed forever you must remain. Shattered in the silence of this temple faced ruin…you seek… you hold the answers beneath those false eyes…Of ice I have created this home…scarred by the remains of the dead hopes that have left the pages of this book pockmarked with half-truths and tall tales…all have the key but few have the choice…I have chosen you…The barren seven remain uprooted and challenged in vain…you face the ultimate test…no debt will go unpaid" they spoke.

    As the swan blossom dropped out of sight from their presence he placed the fear in the eyes of man…


    Trained though obstruct…file the complaint amongst the remnants of the desert stretched out sighted in depth. Monikers he went by laughed, screamed this broken temple had become the oceans mother. The point of intersection triangular became in shape from the scrolling fiends of lawsuit jackals. Business was their name…construct was their faced parallel. The dead eyes ran clicking along their feet at midnight. Had they paid the ultimate price? Sinful ebbing for their bedding, a hanging mongrel suit for the changing as they call to the falling moons. He slipped into his comfort…shed the layers of lies he walks in… became the face in the crowd… his mind lit alone to what behavior he focused on. He will repent on the knees of the Oaks…he will hear the voice he has denied for so long… The pentagonal etchings he marked to confess his truth… they stretch markings upon his brain. Seeing his future of confession opened half face behind his corneas. Scratched he obliged his sounds… his senses dulled to the point of sub sanctuary. Comfort dripped his very pore. Running towards the darkness crooning, the light faded behind his follicle wrap in the distance recalled so many years ago. Tunnel vision in the cross breeze…what stands triumphant…a chess game played selfless and moving along compassion. Even a pawn can kill the king…the journey consumed his conscious now…it had intertwined bi-rational and streamlined all of the reactions. This he has known for some time.

    "Where is this place…what has this become…between the throne lies six feet… Is there ever a wake from this sleep?" –Nlevario Cundari.

    And Sonaris Waned…

    Buried six pence and broken. He awoke to the sound of vile machinery breathing lengths. He sat half lotus in what he sensed must relied on the shape of an annexed paleographical mishap. Breaking free using his muscle twitches of claw growth, he may have escaped for now… he felt fetal and scattered. His head folded shapeless in the cataclysmic drawings of moonlight hung sleeping above. He walked on means of water as the fog brim dimmed the lights floating in the ground. Gentle openings drained the surface of the ground that drained to liquid form underneath him. Feeling and using the appendages of tentacles his master had gave him for the mortal surveys placed on the outer side of him. He felt among the scars and wrinkles carved into his stone like features. Tracing slowly he felt for the end of himself…he seemed to have no end. He had struck the nerve. The broken sty that held what was left of his mortal soul is his triangular eye map had developed new. He had boiled his skin to comfort again. His eyes clicked non-proportional sentencing of language to the objects around him. "Seven as they came… seven they remain." A passing figure shouted. Swarming confusion wrapped his mind. He shouted to reawaken the dialogue that had just passed. Only another did not answer him…but by his three formed eyes…to late to margin what had become before this moment… he closed his trance laced eyes…she beckons from the wave…Calling towards the swimming seas.


    Glided among the beauty in her voice he reached calling to a long lost place… he had opened youthful and blossomed opened colorless and yet defeated he crumbled… from the sands of time they had formed a remnant of a memory passed long legged in stride amongst the other picture frames he had soon to face…carried by the dove painted black amongst the falling flowers echoing in the water. "Oddities," He breathed… deranged motion of informal beauty in female seduction traced streams by thought. The touch…the taste…the cradled blue spent in her eyes. She has merged him to become a dying star born new amongst the flicker of space laid between their motions… she became him through an affection taken by the openly tainted reptilian mind and Cro-Magnon hoped passion. The record played corner-clockwise sending a shadow over their melted forms. "Aesthetically," said the perfect leapt burning match. Ascending over the coals burnt to ice cut liquid left stewing below them… their thoughts had joined to form new decimals of time. This became of just origins, a phylum sacrosanct to the moment before them… lived bleeding mental barriers beneath the breeding lights placed among the wicker-framed dim-lit darkness. Her breath rasped his soul. Stirred the drums led behind the thousand ears…emitted the convection…moaned origins and utterances of their intertwined tongues gave new hope. Spoken so false it gave a meaning entirely of its own. Speech became of the futile… syllables conveyed naturally ecstatic in reaction…brought a new peak among the ravens cry that swallowed their spent breaths. The task was done… they lay usurped of energy in their empty space…'Love… nonsensical it must be…it will run our lives…we cannot be as one being for our known notion of realities continuation… You measure to remain in time… I must leave this…It is only a memory…a section of neurological code map formed to test what I must overcome…This is a test…Reaction laced reality… beta-scanned to survey a lust leaning closest to the spectrum of beauty I have been meant to believe by this they have…I must…must…" Nlevario's thoughts bleed ascending and filled the next realm of glowing opposite exit signs… Rewound on the B-side put blank in a fast forwarded momentum…

    "The ashes will crawl…these scars will heal to your lacerations… I have led you by this memory…you have passed the first test… Barren seven left to pass…the flames draw near Nlevario…"- Maker

    Shuffled again amongst the laughing faces of joker cards placed facedown. Fell the blanks of time. Inertia slowed his decent…thrown towards another he had laid out to test. ​
    "For what purpose have they sought me for…am I punished enough by the light? Amorphous I have become…I have shed all of my shell…the outside barrier I once possessed keeping me warm in the constructs of dishonesty I bathe myself in. I miss the air tainted with the broken dreams of others…I miss the clear breaths I mistook for a right amongst the anger and pride…I lust for a thirst…a taste of the dark that lined my eyes. This truly is heaven…"​
    The Willow Orchard
    Nlevario awoke in a blind mans blink. Nestled amongst the clouds he stood on his own two legs. A field sat in front of him. From the distance it looked painted. The roots of the willows were the ground and covered in snow. The sight frightened him for an instant. He stepped forward…A groan filled his senses. The trees where howling and deforming now. His pupils shuddered. The trees became black…wilted and dead. An explosion erupted in his ears. It was snowing…but the snow was not all it seemed to be. The ash of a book rained upon him. As the burning parchment fell from the sky the snow melted. Ambitious sounds me halfway in his ears "it sings," he said.

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  1. Heretic.Ape.
    Very interesting and beautiful... looking forward to the other parts.
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