By knightsmith · Aug 20, 2012 · ·
  1. knightsmith
    I went to the samaritans in the end, and they really do seem not only to listen, but they sympathize with you. I was mailing the as if i called, someone else might have called that may have killed himself if id hogged tthe line. Apparently the lines are fine so I called after being invited to call. I told the whole months worth, and he was staggering to advise me, he was a great man, very nice to me. I cied my eyes out for 2 hours straight but I didnt write myself offl.

    If you ever have spare change, donate to samaritans.

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  1. una_cavaletta
    I agree. The Samaritans helped me many times. They are never judgmental and you don't have to be suicidal to all - just lonely, or upset, or need to vent. I have always been much, much better after their help. A wonderful charity.
  2. knightsmith
    local priests and vicars offer more support, mine comes down for a cup of tea.
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