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San Diego bus drivers accidentally eat pot brownies; four employees suspended

  1. Rob Cypher
    San Diego police are investigating whether or not a group of MTS bus drivers were under the influence of marijuana-laced brownies, said Metropolitan Transit System spokesman Rob Schupp.

    Three city bus drivers reported feeling "dizzy" while on their bus routes Sunday, said Schupp.

    All three drivers called in and said they were feeling dizzy. They were brought in and replaced immediately.
    All three, plus an additional employee are now on paid leave while MTS conducts an internal investigation.

    MTS said their internal investigation determined that all employees reacted appropriately upon discovering the cause of illness among the bus drivers may have been due to marijuana-laced brownies allegedly distributed by another MTS employee.

    It is not known at this time if there were any passengers on board, or for how long the MTS bus operators were driving while feeling dizzy.

    According to MTS, drug tests were administered to the employees who reported feeling ill as part of their investigation. The San Diego Police Department was then contacted. On Monday, MTS also consulted the District Attorney’s office regarding the incident, as part of procedure.

    MTS said they have a comprehensive drug and alcohol policy that tests all new employees and conducts random tests throughout the year. The program exceeds guidelines set forth by the Department of Transportation.

    According an email sent by Schupp Thursday evening, MTS will not be commenting any further on this incident at this point. The allegation of the marijuana-laced brownies has not been confirmed by police.



  1. alexmssacre
    hmm who knows what it could actually be then.....
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