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  1. mbarnes0
    This made me chuckle a bit.


    A not so jolly drug-war Santa has delivered Chicago's Southwest Siders a really big lump of coal in the form of 650 pounds of that dreaded weed, America's favorite illegal and uncontrolled substance -- cannabis sativa. ["650 lbs. of pot seized in Stickney," suntimes.com.]

    The drugs, valued at nearly $2 million, were imported from Mexico, despite a really big fence partially constructed along the 1,952-mile border.

    The DEA isn't saying whether the drugs got over, under, around or through the really big fence, but chances are, given the season, the drugs were stowed, unbeknownst to Santa, inside one of his really big sleighs that regularly evade radar in the Caribbean.

    South suburban mayors from Orland Park and Palos Park may wonder whether the Christmastime drug delivery was an attempt to replace the marijuana seized during an investigation of an Orland Park marijuana drug murder and home invasion in September, or perhaps 6,000 marijuana plants seized near Palos Park in the Sneed Woods.

    This Santa's helper wonders if we'd have less marijuana and a merrier Christmas without the Capone tradition and DEA-style prohibition of a relatively benign substance, safer than now-legal holiday glogg.

    Certainly, the 900,000 people arrested in the U.S. each year for criminal marijuana violations ( 90 percent for the mere possession of the plant ) and millions of taxpayers supporting drug-war prisons would relish the gift.

    James E. Gierach,

    Palos Park

    Fri, 11 Dec 2009
    Chicago Sun-Times (IL)


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