Save my son, Mum's living hell over 'legal high'

By Finn Mac Cool · Mar 26, 2010 · ·
  1. Finn Mac Cool
    A Derry mother has spoken of how her life has been turned upside down in the eight weeks since her 15 year-old son started using Mephedrone - one of the 'legal highs' currently widely available across the city.

    And she said she's been told that one doctor alone has seen 50 patients in connection with using the drug.

    She told the 'Journal'; "Bags of Mephedrone, or Monkey Magic as they call it, are a tenner. The wains are bunching together, a pound or two, and getting a bag in. It's easier than getting hold of any carry-out."
    The woman, who has asked not to be identified but is from the Galliagh area, said she has spent the last two months in a "living hell" where she had has to walk the streets searching for her son and fearing the absolute worst.

    "When he is on it, he is off his head completely. His behaviour is very erratic. He is not in control. He doesn't know what he is doing. The scary thing is that so many of his friends are also on it... everyone seems to be using it.

    "I was contacted by one man who used it who said that coming down from it was horrendous. He was terrified of the suicidal thoughts he had. He said he had been to his doctor about it and was told he wasn't the first, or even the third of fourth person to seek help. His doctor said he had seen around 50 patients concerned about mephadrone and its side effects."

    "I fear for my son, and I fear for his friends. I haven't eaten or slept properly since this started. I'm a nervous wreck. I have never been so scared."

    Just last week the woman's son went missing on two separate occasions. On the first, after St. Patrick's night, she said he was 'completely off his head' when he eventually did return home and she feared that he might hurt himself or someone else.

    On the second occasion her son went missing for 24 hours, eventually being located unconscious in the street.

    "We only found him because I pleaded with his friends to tell me where he was. Initially they said they wouldn't tell me because he was in 'such a bad way'. I thought he was dead or dying. When we got him it took 45 minutes to bring him round."

    The woman said she had been talking to a number of mothers who had approached her for advice.

    One other mother told her how a drug dealer had been threatening her 15 year-old over debts owed for mephedrone.

    "She was terrified. Shaking and in a complete state. She didn't know where to turn. We've never had to deal with this sort of thing before."
    Last week two English teenagers, Louis Wainwright and Nicholas Smyth, died after taking mephedrone and the British Government is currently examining the legality of the drug (also known as Methadrone).

    Derry Journal

    23 March 2010

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  1. John Doe
    Ok, the kid is 15 why in the world are we even talking about anything other than social care? It wouldn't surprise me if his mother was a hypocritical alcoholic talkin about banning one drug while consuming another to excess, she can't make sure her son isn't being a tear away because she's so otherwise consumed. I can see why she didn't want to be named.

    I'm so consumed by rage right now after reading this article. Whether the kid is sniffing glue, taking Mephedrone or shooting heroin it's her fault he's doing it.

    Reports like this I thought were only published in the red tops??
  2. John Doe
    Oh my good god. I would request everyone who reads this article to email the editor first about the article and how it ignores the fact the mother is allowing her 15 year old child to do what he wants and second for the piece of brilliance at the end...

    His email is: sean.mclaughlin at
  3. John Doe
  4. Oxymorphone
    Though I doubt it, I'd love to see their reply, please post if they dignify you with a response.

    And the one thought I just can't shake after reading this article is that her child is 15. As you said, it's clearly not mephedrone's fault, it's bad parenting. My parents had plenty of control over me at that age, I had to live by their rules, and as much as I hated it I have to admit it did me a lot of good, compared to my sister who was allowed to do whatever she wants. It really shows now, some years later, just how far discipline can go for a child. Sorry but if your children are somehow ordering things from a website to get high with a credit card, you fail as a parent, as last I thought, those under 18 years of age aren't allowed to have a credit card without the parents consent. I realize some buy it right from a dealer, but really parenting applies to that just as much.

    This reminds me of something I read on some police forum, talking about how the websites that sell these research chemicals like mephedrone intentionally target underage people and it's some huge epidemic. I wouldn't care nearly as much about this garbage misinformation, but I read the replies to said post and was honestly sickened by it. Cops, and cop wannabe's, honestly believe it's intentionally (somehow) marketed to 15 year old kids, despite there not being a single website in existence that doesn't say or require you to be 18 to make a purchase. Because of this crap, a lot of ignorant people (who are UNFORTUNATELY THE ONES WHO UPHOLD THE LAW IN THE FIRST PLACE) start believing people should be imprisoned for life for buying or selling a research chemical. Really, reply after reply "these people should be put to death" "what scumbags" "I hope they go to jail and never get out" "our poor children"

    then..? your tax dollars at work. We actually pay these people. Sorry if that was a little off topic, the article just reminded me of it and it didn't warrant a post of it's own. :p
  5. John Doe
    Yeah I can't imagine they'll reply. I emailed The News Of The World about the source of two of their articles pretending to be an anti headshop petition organiser and how I'd like to get the people in the article behind the petition, they replied first asking for the article in question (even though I mentioned the date, author and link in my original email) and seemed very compliant, after I replied and pointed them again to the article I got this in reply followed by nothing further.

    I'm beginning to think they simply invent stories. Do we have any way whatsoever of proving they have??
  6. EyesOfTheWorld
    and the other part about the "poor child getting harrassed by their dealer over mephedrone debts".........welcome to the jungle, ya know? Whether it's mephedrone or crack, if you don't pay up, you're going to get (at minimum) harrassed. Can't believe people are buying mephedrone from dealers while its still legal
  7. Oxymorphone
    Seems a likely scenario. I've seen quite a few news articles from them that I thought were a little too dramatic to be real. I don't think we have a way to prove that since I don't think, at least in america, there are laws that state what you put in a magazine or paper has to be true. Otherwise these magazines like the national enquirer and such with headlines like "Bigfoot is GAY!" wouldn't be around haha.

    How ever did they find proof of that one... :p
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