Saying Goodbye is never easy....

By ZenobiaSky · May 30, 2014 ·
  1. ZenobiaSky
    Saying Goodbye is never easy....

    Dear Friend,
    I'm sorry to say that this is goodbye. It had been so long since I saw you last I embraced your friendship with open arms. And after 4 more years of your abuse, I must say, I can no longer be your friend. Your only their for me when I am weak, when you know you can sneak into my thoughts and control my life. But where are you when I want to celebrate life, you're never there when I'm hurting the most, you only appear when it seems convenient for you. I tried to set boundaries but you refuse to respect them. And if it came down to my life or your, you would take mine to save your own.

    By telling you goodbye I am choosing life over you and our friendship. I am taking back the power to stand up to you, and if that means I lose a few other friendships along the way, then they were never really my friends.

    I know how hard this will be, you are the stalker that you can't get rid of, your the one that rides in on the backs of others. And today, I shut the door on you, and will no longer be subject to your deceitful tactics, and am willing to deny entrance to all others that do not respect this.

    I no longer am willing to be with you or anyone else that is not respectful towards my decision to live. Because that what I choose, I choose to live over you. I deserve a chance at life that is real and subject to the paranoid delusions you try and make me believe.

    Without you the voices will quiet, sanity return, and with diligence my health will return also.

    So please, listen to what I've said, and except my goodbye, otherwise

    P.S. You can tell the rest of your amphetamine family to go to hell too, and although I must live with Ritalin, doesn't mean I will take his abuse any longer either. While your at it, tell the rest of your addiction group I'm done with them too, Bulimia, Anorexia, Rock, Cutter etc. Betty Sue is gone for good, and all those personalities you were taking advantage of. So stay away from MY COW.

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