Scary Surprise illness!

By DHCdiva · Apr 3, 2012 · ·
  1. DHCdiva
    Just as I was starting to become a bit more at ease with living back in the land of 3 children, 1 husband, 2 dogs, a cat and 3 jobs, and thinking about returning to work this wednesday, i get ill.
    Saturday, noon, exactly, just after taking middle child to gymnastics i became suddenly, violently ill. In the car. It wasn't pretty and i'm not gonna go into details..
    Saturday blurred into sunday, every half an hour i needed to be in the bathroom-at one pooint it seemed qquite reasonable to admit defeat and sleep in there! Hubby banished me to the bedroom (and not in a good way!)
    and i spent april fools day in a very unjaperly mood. I was trying so hard to keep hydrated, sipping dioralyte etc but couldn't keep any fluids down, or in (ew...tmi, sorry!)

    I have never been ill like that in my life, and felt so relieved when this morning I was able to stand upright without fainting. Hubby had an exam to go to, so we wished him luck, waved him off and i got going with mum stuff.

    About an hour later, i was getting the chidrens breakfast things tidied away, next minute, i was on the floor, waves of pain flooding me and finding it very hard to breathe. I was so fckn scared. I was on my own with my 3 children - two of them under five years old - and i kept passing out and my body very quickly rejecting anything it had left - which was nothing as i hadn't eaten due to being ill.

    I couldn't get to my phone, i couldn't even breathe or stand up. Eventually i was able to gather my thoughts, and ask my 14 year old if she would just supervise the two younger ones playing while i went to the bathroom.

    I tried to contact my husband-of course he was in his exam and had his phone switched off...and i know in hindsight i should've rang the college or my mother in law but my mind was just so foggy. I kept passing out. Eventually he rang and by that time i had made sure all children were safe in the playroom and my daughter was confident in supervising them some more, and i explained to her i was really ill, but not to panic.

    I only just managed to make myself understood, and by the time he got home i was lying on the bathroom floor, unconscious. So of course i don't remember anything more.
    He called for an ambulance, and the only thing i remember was waking up in the hospital, with a drip in each arm.

    Luckily, one of my friends works in the emergency part of the hospital, she had taken my bloods, put me on the drips, and had been monitoring me.

    It turns out that i had been very unlucky but very lucky - I had contracted food poisioning PLUS the antibiotics i had been prescribed from my stay in hospital earlier on the week had stripped the good bacteria away from wherever and left me wide open to attack from sneaky other bacteria - i can't remember the exact name but it ended in "Difficile". She told me i'd been very lucky to not be even worse, as I had literally no good bugs in my immune system to fight off the food poisioning.

    And, can you believe it, but I'm back home. Its almost a quarter past midnight, my hubby is sleeping noisily beside me, and I am in shock at how ill I got so quickly, and also how I feel now. All I have is sore stomach muscles. And tiredness. i'm finding it impossible to believe that I can feel so well after how bad I was today.

    I had a very scary experience, and a very lucky outcome. And I'm STILL waiting for a ct scan to find out what is wrong with my liver!

    I came home, sat on the sofa, and my dribbling toddlers clambered up onto my knee, and covered me in snot, nuzzling my chest. My eldest sat next to me, and hubby let out an enormous fart. I sat there, surrounded by the smell of my daughter who had put too much perfume on, my toddlers who smell like a mixture of playdoh and sweaty hair, and my husbands farts.....and I finally felt bliss.

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  1. knightsmith
    wow, how are you doing now?
  2. DHCdiva
    I feel fine, thankyou. Tomorrow will be a week since it happened and I am amazed that I feel as if I've never been ill.

    I'm still getting pain from the suspected liver problem, but the dreamy meds take care of that!
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