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  1. Urban
    School drug testing 'a success'

    Deputy headteacher Peter Foster carries out the tests
    A controversial drug testing project at a Nottinghamshire secondary school has been hailed as a success.
    The National School in Hucknall introduced random drug testing two years ago.

    Parents have backed the initiative in which two pupils are randomly tested each day.

    Students also claim it gives them a reason to resist peer pressure and stay off drugs. Last year, just two pupils tested positive for cannabis.

    'Huge difference'

    The project was originally introduced after parents asked for pupils to be tested.

    Deputy headteacher, Peter Foster, said there is no dealing at the school and the youngsters are better behaved because of the scheme.

    "I think it's made a huge difference," he said.

    "Parents are actually telling us that children have said they were tempted to take something or other but will keep well off now."

    Pupil Tim Maiden said: "There is a big drug culture in Hucknall and the fact is that in our school we are protected from this because people know that they can get caught. So, they are deterred from taking them."

    Teachers carry out the testing themselves.

    Pupils can refuse the test but are told this would arouse suspicion.


  1. Lunar Loops
    Just out of interest, what exactly happens to these pupils if they test positive?
  2. Urban
    no idea!!! i guess it depends on what the substance is.... if its weed then i guess they get a warning or something... but if its class A i recon they might get searched or charged... i dont know!

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