School super alerts parents to pink meth concerns

By chillinwill · Sep 23, 2008 · ·
  1. chillinwill

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    YORK, Maine — Concern over what appeared to be a new type of candy-flavored crystal methamphetamine prompted a local school superintendent recently to alert parents — although local police and the federal drug agents say the drug has not been found on the East Coast yet.

    Meanwhile, urban-myth Web sites question whether the so-called "strawberry quick" meth actually exists. A Drug Enforcement Agency spokesperson said a pink-colored meth has been confiscated in widely scattered incidents over a number of years, although there is no trend and incidents have been mostly on the West Coast.

    York Superintendent of Schools Henry Scipione said the concern arose recently when he received an e-mail that originated from the Biddeford, Maine, chief of police, warning about flavored meth called "strawberry quick" — named for the Nestle product Strawberry Quik. The e-mail had come to him from a parent, and "I wasn’t sure what it’s distribution was. When these things start floating around, they take on a life of their own."

    Scipione said he didn’t want to take any chances.

    "I’d rather have people aware of it than not," said Scipione, who sent out an e-mail to parents late last week telling them about the drug. "You always want to strike a balance between keeping people informed and alarming them."

    Biddeford police may well have received the same recent notification from the DEA that Portsmouth police received, said Capt. Janet Champlin. Champlin said the notice referenced "candy flavored methamphetamines" found throughout the nation.

    "We believe it’s true" that there are instances of drug dealers distributing a similar drug, she said. "We’ve been made aware of it. It’s brightly colored and resembles rock candy. It was found out west, and it’s not been seen on the East Coast. But as drugs tend to go, it moves its way east."

    DEA spokesperson Michael Sanders said an advisory had been sent to regional offices seeking input on whether there had been recent reports of colored meth, which was in turn distributed to local police, but he said no regional office reported seeing any.

    There is something of an urban myth surrounding this kind of meth, in that widely scattered incidents of pink-colored meth have mushroomed into preponderance of strawberry quick meth reports, Sanders said.

    The nexus appears to be an incident in Blue Springs, Mo., when police confiscated two homemade bongs used for smoking meth, said Sanders. They had told police they had used Kool Aid instead of water in the bong, which apparently gave the meth a pink color.

    Since then, Sanders said, there have been "similar sporadic events" of a pink colored meth, although "there haven’t been enough investigations to warrant a trend."

    Scipione said the initial e-mail he saw could have led parents to believe the meth was "readily available, which is not true. But if you read that as a parent, you might be concerned."

    He said he’s received "quite a bit of response from parents" since the e-mail went out, all positive, thanking him for the warning. "I think we struck the right balance," he said.

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  1. Felix Guattari
    Would it follow herefrom that if I were, hypothetically, to use kool-aid in a bong used to smoke weed, it would colour the weed pink?

    That doesn't seem to make sense. I think someone, somewhere, doesn't understand exactly how a bong works.
  2. fiveleggedrat

    As we all know, children do not get free meth samples. If they did, a lot of junkies would be going back to primary school right now.

    Flavoured product likely does exist, albeit in actual meth circles and not schools.
  3. radiometer
    Here we go again.

    Nexus- nice word, there Mr. reporter, that copy of Roget's has more than paid for itself!

    More like the nexus of stupidity.
  4. Panthers007
    Now we know where to start leaving utterly ridiculous rumors to fester and spring to life. Pass the Cheeze-Wiz acid, dude.
  5. Swimster
    "I think we struck the right balance"

    Real funny . Im sure it was a great Idea. What a waste. Just another excuse for an "article". How pathetic.

    As slanted as alot of ignorant articles usually are, this one dosn't even sound convincing to a dumbass. Wright?

    Swim will never visit the source of the article.
  6. cra$h
    wait, so smoking meth in a bong turns it pink!?!?!?! wow. what a joke. From this kool-aid excuse given, sound like the meth's adulterated.
  7. tomazco
    Yeah we got a warning about "strawberry meth" at my public school. It made me think... what's better than drugs? Flavoured Drugs!
  8. Panthers007
    Right. Show's what these idiot's know! Everyone knows that pink-meth is only a concern for little girls. And it's blue-meth for little boys! The fools!
  9. Sitbcknchill
    This has been floating around for quite some time. Although yeah there is slightly pink colored meth that does float around it is not purposely colored nor does it taste like strawberries. The article is BS as well as the stories floating around about it. It is just another scare tactic floating around to scare people. Using the ol protect the children campaign has worked for years and will probably continue to do so.

    As we all know that drug manufactures all want to target children in playgrounds :rolleyes:

    External links:
  10. Lethargy
    We wonder perhaps if the meth vapors recrystallize when using a waterpipe, (some have told us that they do when using a "dry" pipe) and perhaps the recrystallized meth acquired a pinkish hue from the kool-aid in the water, many meth users attempt to get as much out of their product as possible and so these people could hypothetically have scraped the residue collected in the mouthpiece of the waterpipe and had it lying around.

    Only explanation that makes any sense to us, but since we don't know anyone who has smoked meth out of a water pipe we cannot know the plausibility of such happening.
  11. cra$h
  12. Swimster
    That is pretty dumb how they always believe that children are being targeted. Soooo...old! PBS too.
  13. eunicehoyeenyin
    So I guess this is a myth? or this is true. its spreading everywhere in the internet can anyone really clarify this. Its like everyone is talking but there is not physical checking on it and more info on it even the news seems like unclear whether this drug really exists as they mentioned it like an urban myth. What is news if it is a news that they aren't confirm with.
  14. Sven99
    Its a myth

    It has been suggested that the pink colour is a result of the meth being made from pink coloured pseudo-ephedrine and retaining some of the dye, or possibly as a marketing ploy by producers to create a brand image. There is no evidence that meth (or any other drug) is being handed out at school gates, or that any meth has been flavoured or otherwise adulterated in an attempt to make it more appealing to children.

    The reason nobody is checking up on it is because its bean doing the rounds for years. A google search would have quickly demonstrated to you that this is a hoax. Next time UTFSE.
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