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  1. Phenoxide
    A public schoolboy died after inhaling laughing gas with his friends, his devastated sister has revealed.

    Promising art student Joseph Benett, 17, suffered a cardiac arrest after taking the popular party drug on August 31. The teenager, from Hampstead, north London, fell into a coma but died last Thursday with his family at his bedside.

    His grieving sister Camille, 27, told the Ham&High newspaper: "He just never woke up. He had such terrible brain damage and his fits were getting worse.

    "When he stopped breathing, my dad and I were holding his hand."

    She added: "I found it hard to leave him. As a big sister I felt a responsibility to look after my little brother."

    Sixth-former Joseph, who attended University College School (UCS) in Hampstead, was at a friend's house in Hertfordshire when he collapsed.

    The sale of nitrous oxide for recreational use is against the law, but the gas is becoming increasingly popular on the party scene. A number of celebrities have been pictured inhaling the drug - nicknamed [NOPARSE]hippy crack[/NOPARSE] - which can starve the brain of oxygen.

    Joseph's sister added: "I think having experienced how much this hurts, people should think about whether they are putting themselves in danger.

    "You do need to think about what you are doing, not just for yourself but for the sake of the people who love you."

    UCS headteacher Kenneth Durham said: "It is an absolute tragedy. His friends are terribly upset. He was very talented."

    A Facebook page set up in memory of the schoolboy has already attracted more than 1,000 members. Friends and family alike have paid tribute to Joseph, with one writing:

    "Joe, I hope you are somewhere peaceful, surrounded by the nutty things that you loved and the things that made you laugh.

    "Your close friends and family are heroes and their grace and bravery is too great for me to understand. Thank you for being a sensational friend to so many of mine, you will forever be missed and always remembered Joe Benett."

    An inquest into Joseph's death has been opened and adjourned at Hertfordshire Coroner's Office.

    Press Association for Huffington Post
    5th October 2012


  1. source
    This is a really sad sorry, especially considering that he was only 17 years old.
    I suppose that because his death happened over a month ago they are sure that no other drug was also responsible?
    Its definitely a warning to everyone about the risks, no matter how much was inhaled.
  2. dennisdahmer
    Re: what are peoples thoughts on this news story (NOS death)

    If i am honest its scared me a lot about my pets usage (i am the type that vows not too fly ever again, if there is a plane disaster anywhere in the world), i may have to hide my little pets cracker and balloons from it now.
  3. SamanthaRabbit
    This story is very sad, but the unanswered leaves me with lots of questions because laughing gas isn't the most unsafe drug out there. The form of administration and the amount as well as if other drugs were in play are the questions I have concerning what actually killed the boy... In comparison to huffing or other inhalants Nitrous Oxide is probably one of the least dangerous in terms of brain damage from what I have learned from other people that have done studying on what drugs cause the most harmful effects, although I have had one person tell me that a friend's mother overdosed on laughing gas... It is a strong possibility that from the dissociative effect of the drug led to him suffocating himself because it is easy to do, or standing up while doing it and passing out and hitting his head :(

    It may sound silly to some that read this, but not teaching kids about drugs is both a crime and a blessing at the same time. I preferred what little I learned in school and what my parents avoided teaching me about because I think that it kept me from doing them. Children learn from example however so if a parent or other family authority figure is an open drug user they could be more likely to use but some cases it is a huge turn off for somebody to know that the people who they looked up to are hurting their bodies. When some of the world's population is taught about how drug use is wrong there are kids that it sticks with and they won't do something to accidentally harm themselves before they know the seriousness of their actions but others will get sucked in and for some the lack of air will put their flame of life out. If you are a parent reading this that doesn't want something horrible to happen to their child, teach them about the real life concerns that are out there concerning legal substances that people buy for drug use - such as death from using something one time because it only takes once for some people out there.

    My heart really goes out to the family of this boy and hopefully the people who he touched will be impacted in a way that they won't make the same mistake that he did.
  4. flowertongue666
    These sorts of stories run completely counter to everything decent most of us want to do- and the news is full of them. I am so jaded that as I read this I wonder if they are going to pass stronger legislation against the vending of whipped cream chargers. It seems that the only message here is "whippits kill". It all seems to be manipulation of the media to achieve goals of the police/pharma/industrial complex.

    As an example, I do not believe that it was mere coincidence that there was an inundation of 'bath-salt zombie' "news stories" immediately prior to the emergency scheduling of synthetic cannabinoids, methcathinone analogues and 2c-x's. Which was immediately prior to the DEA's "Operation Log-Jam"

    As cliche' as it sounds, all I see in this story is "Drugs are bad, mmmkay?" and I get angry at being manipulated. The media won't specify how he died, because to do so would allow dialogue to start- "He died breathing 'racing grade nitrous'? That's terrible, here's how a person determined to inhale a relatively safe anesthetic gas could do so with minimal harm...." (for example)

    And we can't have dialogue, now can we?

    I'm sorry this kid died because he couldn't find a site like this, or one of the many others that explain whippit use/abuse and harm reduction. But, still, stories like this drive me nuts.
  5. SamanthaRabbit
    flowertongue666 - I really feel like you hit the nail on the head when it comes to the media manipulating people into thinking that it is alright for them to do emergency bans or restricting Nitrous Oxide to only medicinal or commercial use possibly regulate it the way that medications containing DXM or OTC medications used to make a high like ps. At supermarkets in the US it is required I believe for your ID to be scanned if you are buying a medication including pseudoephedrine or DXM.

    Hopefully people who use this for baking and such that it won't become more difficult to obtain, however limiting the amount you can get wouldn't be the end of the world because it can probably be easily regulated not leaving people who actually need it without.

    Another thing to put into consideration is many things are still legal that people get a high off of and die. About 125 people die each year from huffing Lysol and people die from Dust Off as well. Luckily most people are smart enough to not do things like this.
  6. kumar420
    Its a tragedy that the boy lost his life, but once the specific details of the coroners report are revealed i don't think the blame will rest solely on the nitrous. It was clearly just an unfortunate accident probabl caused by a one in several million complication, given the history of relatively safe use of nitrous over the years for both medical and recreational purpose. Would the story be as sensational if the poor kid died on a dentist's chair after receiving the dose? Probably not. I just hope that people are snart enough to realise when a drug is truly responsible for a death, and with this story it is not the case. Common sense shall prevail.
  7. Phenoxide
    Warning over laughing gas after promising student dies

    [IMGR="white"]http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=28776&stc=1&d=1349604419[/IMGR]The sister of a public school boy has warned of the dangers of the recreational use of laughing gas after he fell into a coma and died using the drug.

    Joseph Benett, 17, known as Joe, suffered a heart attack and brain damage after inhaling nitrous oxide from a canister with his friends.

    Joe lay in a coma in hospital for four weeks while his father David, a photographer, mother Roseann, and sister Camille staged a round-the-clock vigil at his bedside. But the outstanding student at the £5,500-a-term University College School (UCS), in Hampstead, north London, never recovered because the damage was so severe.

    Now Miss Benett, 27, has warned others to think about those they could hurt by experimenting with nitrous oxide which is used in hospital as a pain killer, especially during childbirth.

    Miss Benett said: "He just never woke up. He had such terrible brain damage and his fits were getting worse. When he stopped breathing, my dad and I were holding his hand."

    "I found it hard to leave him. As a big sister I felt a responsibility to look after my little brother.

    "I think having experienced how much this hurts, people should think about whether they are putting themselves in danger.

    "You do need to think about what you are doing, not just for yourself but for the sake of the people who love you."

    The popular sixth former, who would have turned 18 next month, collapsed after inhaling the popular but lethal party drug at his friend's house in Hertfordshire on August 31. He was cared for at St John’s Hospice, in St John’s Wood, North London, before he died.

    Joe's head teacher, Kenneth Durham, said the 17-year-old was very talented and his friends had been left devastated by his death. Staff and pupils at UCS have been stunned by the clever sixth-former's death.

    His head teacher Kenneth Durham said: "It is an absolute tragedy.

    "His friends are terribly upset. He was very talented. We will remember Joe and support his family."

    Dr Alan McGlennan, a consultant anaesthetist at the Royal Free Hospital, said taking laughing gas recreationally was “in vogue” but it can starve the brain of oxygen.

    An inquest into Joe's death was opened and adjourned at Hertfordshire Coroner's Office on Monday.

    Despite the legal high being widely available at music festivals, bars and nightclubs, it is against the law to sell laughing gas for recreational use.

    It can produce alarming sideeffects: strokes, hallucinations, seizures, blackouts, incontinence, stress on the heart, chronic depression and even in cases of prolonged use, depleted bone marrow.

    Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, N2O and sweet air, gives users an intense euphoria which some have likened to the effects of heroin and crack cocaine. When inhaled, nitrous oxide dissolves in the bloodstream, depleting the blood of oxygen and reducing its flow to the brain and other vital organs.

    An overdose can be fatal.

    It is used in surgery and dentistry for its anaesthetic and analgesic effects. It is also used during childbirth when it is known as gas and air.

    Richard Alleyne for The Telegraph
    4th October 2012
  8. kumar420
    A 17 year old has a heart attack... Tragic but is it the fault of the nitrous? I personally don't think so, have any details come out about whether or not he had a pre-existing condition? I really don't see how the nitrous could be the sole cause of death in such a young person, otherwise people would be dying all over the place
  9. hookedonhelping
    Let is us find out how this teen consumed the gas?

    When I was a teen me and my friends had a source that would get us tanks of all sizes, as many as we wanted. We found some creative ways to consume the gas that I now know was very dangerous and could have resulted in death.

    One of these methods was to hook a fighter jet pilots mask directly to the tank. One person would sit in a chair with the mask on, while someone else was trusted to operate the regulator on the tank. When the person sitting in the chair with the mask securely placed on their face, the person operating the tank would kill the gas once the person with the mask on "phished out" or passed out.

    Years later I worked in the dental field and my job was to administer gas to patients. We used a mask that went over the nasal passage and had two tubes attached to the mask. One tube is for the nitrous oxide and the other tube was for oxygen. It was my job to determine the ratio of oxygen to nitrous to ensure the patient was safe. This is very different than the risky method we used as teens as there was no source of oxygen being introduced.

    I share this with you because it's important to determine how this teen in the story met his demise. Nitrous Oxide is not commonly the cause of death or injury in those abusing it, and if it is, it is generally because they phished out standing up and have fell and whacked their heads while under it's most debilitating effect, passing out under unsafe conditions.

    I want to make sure you understand the foolishness and risk involved in the first example I provided. If you repeat this method, you run a high risk of becoming the next story on this board relating to nitrous oxide deaths.
  10. Potter
    I would bet this involved some sort of strapped on mask. I'm pretty sure the point where you loose control of the body and OD are not that close. That with balloons or bags, you'll start breathing aid once you drop the sack. Anyone have a therapeutic threshold for Nitrous?

    Or he had heart problems or some other issues previously not detected.
  11. SamanthaRabbit
    I am with Potter on pre-existing health conditions, potentially that would have increased the risk of cardiac arrest even at the age of 17 years old. I have known people in my life who were young and had health problems that could not take certain drugs because of them... The newer article only sheds a slight amount of light on the subject.
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