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  1. chillinwill
    A schoolgirl who died of a cardiac arrest while partying with friends may have taken a dangerous new drug before she collapsed.

    Gabrielle Price, 14, might have taken a mixture of ketamine and a new party drug 'meow meow' before she fell ill, according to neighbours.

    The 'legal' drug, also known as Mephedrone and MCAT, can be bought over the internet and is billed as a cross between Ecstasy and cocaine.
    Gabrielle, known as Gabi and described by friends as 'fun-loving and hyper', had been out with friends all day before attending the party in Brighton, East Sussex.

    The brunette, from nearby Worthing, West Sussex, suffered a fatal cardiac arrest after falling ill at around 5.15pm on Saturday.

    Ambulances crews were called and battled to save the teenager at the house before transporting her to nearby Sussex County Hospital, but she passed away at 10pm.

    A Neighbour, who did not wish to be named, claims Gabrielle had taken ketamine mixed with the new party drug 'meow meow' before she fell ill.

    A 39-year-old woman and a 17-year-old man were arrested at the scene on suspicion of drugs offences while pathologist carry out a post-mortem to see if Gabrielle had drugs in her system.

    Sussex police Detective Inspector Bill Warner said: 'We have suspicions there were two people supplying drugs but not necessarily to her.

    'The post-mortem test will see if her death was drug-related or natural causes.'

    Next-door neighbour Anita Cullen witnessed paramedics' frantic attempts to revive Gabrielle.

    She said: 'I saw a whole load of blue flashing lights outside. There were four or five paramedics and a couple of ambulances.

    'Then they brought someone out of the house on a stretcher

    'She was all covered up; you could just see her feet. She didn't look in a good way.'

    Della West, headteacher of Davison High School, Brighton, where Gabi was a pupil said: 'She was a popular girl, very quirky, with her own individual sense of style.

    'She loved music and was hoping to use her creativity in a future career. She will be sadly missed.'

    Former school friend Amber Herriott, 16, said: 'At school she was always really happy and hyper.

    'She was the most beautiful angel I knew. I hope she rests in peace.'
    Class B drugs include amphetamines and cannabis which was re-classified earlier this year.

    Possession of the Class B drugs carries a maximum five year prison term, an unlimited fine or both, while dealing the drugs carries a maximum 14 year jail sentence.

    November 24, 2009
    Daily Mail


  1. Abrad
    Re: Schoolgirl, 14, dies 'after taking dangerous new drug' at house party

    This statement bears no relevance to the rest of the article. Mephedrone is completely legal.
  2. MrG
    Re: Schoolgirl, 14, dies 'after taking dangerous new drug' at house party

    Cue the deluge of "she could have saved the world, if it not for these evil drugs that 'the kids'(tm) can get of the, equally evil, internet." follow up reports.

    Never mind asking what kind of environment this girl was raised in that encouraged her to be taking drugs at 14.
  3. Joe Duffy
    Re: Schoolgirl, 14, dies 'after taking dangerous new drug' at house party

    From the side panel of that DAILY MAIL article:

    Don’t some vendors just call it ‘Meow’ ?

    What heck is ‘MCATA’ ?

    ‘feelings of empathy’, SWIMs uncle Bob has never mentioned any kind of empathy.
  4. BoxStar
    Re: Schoolgirl, 14, dies 'after taking dangerous new drug' at house party

    The propaganda machine is fully loaded and firing non-stop and as usual this news report is pure speculation full of “might have taken” and “'we have suspicions” hearsay statements reported as a drug-induced death long before there is any scientific confirmation on the cause of death. This death is tragic, as so many others wholly or partially caused by the total lack of real drug information in schools; countries make schooling obligatory and then teach nothing but pseudoscience and pure bullshit about especially important things like drugs ignoring the fact that drugs are part of the “real world”, (that one so far away from DARE) and they are everywhere.

    MCAT is originally and usually used for Methcathinone and not Mephedrone (4-MMC).
  5. Synchronium
    Re: Schoolgirl, 14, dies 'after taking dangerous new drug' at house party

    I was about to post something similar. It seems there's a new word for it in every meph article I read.
  6. gregzy
    Re: Schoolgirl, 14, dies 'after taking dangerous new drug' at house party

    Those who are to scared to try or dont understand simply follow the crowd and slate what they dont know about, Just incase they might offend someone.

    For example the only reason the mijority of people are against cannabis is because they have never tried it or have been 'told' to hate it.
  7. gregzy
    Re: Schoolgirl, 14, dies 'after taking dangerous new drug' at house party

    Although it is a shame that she passed away, I feel this shall now be followed by a lot of media negitivity towards 'legal highs' although more people have died taken headache pills?
  8. chillinwill
    Re: Schoolgirl, 14, dies 'after taking dangerous new drug' at house party (mephedrone


    A SCHOOLGIRL may have been killed by a new party drug that can be bought legally on the internet for only £4.

    Gabrielle Price, 14, died of a suspected heart attack on Saturday after becoming ill at a friend’s house following a party.

    Neighbours claimed the schoolgirl took the party drug “meow meow”, also known as the plant fertiliser mephedrone, with the animal tranquilliser ketamine.

    Toxicology reports have been ordered to find out what the teenager had taken before her death, a police spokesman said last night.

    Meow meow is the latest drug to hit the UK club scene and is said to have effects similar to those of amphetamines and cocaine.

    It can be bought legally on the internet in the UK for £4 a gram. Gabrielle, from Worthing, in East Sussex, became ill on Saturday afternoon.

    Paramedics at the house in Brighton treated her for a suspected cardiac arrest before she was taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital, where she died at around 10pm.

    A neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: “There were a lot of drugs at the party and I think this young girl had taken a mixture of stuff. I think she had taken some ketamine and this new stuff.”

    A police spokesman said: “Until we have the toxicology reports we can’t say for certain what happened.

    “There is a chance that she died of natural causes. It’s very rare for a girl of her age but it does happen.”

    Gabrielle’s parents were too upset to comment last night.

    A 39-year-old woman from Brighton was arrested on suspicion of supplying illegal drugs at the party and was released on police bail until January 14.

    A 17-year-old boy from Hove was also held on suspicion of supplying a Class B drug and was released on bail until January 26.

    Mephedrone is sold in white powder form. Side-effects include paranoia and over-stimulation of the heart.

    The drug was linked to the death of a 16-year-old girl in Sweden in December last year. It has also been made illegal in Israel, the US and Denmark.

    November 24, 2009
    Daily Express
  9. NotTommy
    Re: Schoolgirl, 14, dies 'after taking dangerous new drug' at house party (mephedrone

    Girl, 14, killed by legal web drug meow meow

    A GIRL of 14 died after taking a dangerous but legal new drug at a party, it emerged yesterday.

    Gabrielle Price was said to have taken a combination of ketamine and a new drug, known on the street as meow meow, before she became ill.

    Other partygoers dialled 999 and ambulance staff battled to save her but she died later that evening in hospital from heart attack.

    Last night, there were calls for ministers to take action over the drug, which is available for just £15 a gramme online but is banned in some European countries.

    Liberal Democrat health spokesman Norman Lamb said: 'It's absolutely horrifying and a tragic loss of such a young life. It's frightening that this drug is available on the internet without anyone having any idea of the dangerous consequences.'

    The teenager, known as Gabi, was at a party on the Moulsecoomb estate in Brighton when she was taken ill. She had taken meow meow, also known as mephedrone and described as a cross between ecstasy and cocaine, as well as the clubbers' drug ketamine.

    Meow meow, sold as 'plant food' online, can create feelings of euphoria but can also cause paranoia and nosebleeds. Last year, it was linked to the death of an 18-year-old in Sweden, where it is now banned.

    Post-mortem tests on Gabi (pictured) have so far proved inconclusive. A 39-year-old woman and a boy of 17 have been arrested on suspicion of supplying illegal drugs and released on police bail.

    Della West, headteacher at Gabi's school in Worthing, West Sussex, said: 'She was quirky with her own individual sense of style. She was politically aware and held strong opinions she was able to defend articulately.'

    Wednesday, November 25, 2009
  10. Abrad
    Re: Schoolgirl, 14, dies 'after taking dangerous new drug' at house party (mephedrone

    If anyone knows who is selling it for £4/g please post it in the sources forum ;)
  11. alaskazagnut
    Re: Schoolgirl, 14, dies 'after taking dangerous new drug' at house party (mephedrone

    Hundreds of thousands will die from tobacco and alcohol in the next year but they won't ban those drugs. They are gonna ban meph pretty soon especially with minors dying. If the fatality had been some 30 yr old guy it might not be a serious. But a child. That is worse. I am not claiming that a 30 yr old is more or less valuable as a human being. But children using narcotics and dying is more serious and newsworthy to the proponents of the drug war.
  12. 10outof10
    Re: Schoolgirl, 14, dies 'after taking dangerous new drug' at house party (mephedrone

    They obviously don't seem to know how much this shit costs eh? From £4-£15 bit of a difference eh? From what SWIM's heard of mephedrone, it is probably not the best drug to mix with all sorts of other things at least until more is known about it and if mixing its probably best to err on side of caution and take modest doses..It's no suprise to SWIM if it is how its portrayed-that this girl was Caning it with all sorts including horsey and most likely alcohol that she got in a bad way. This does not mean however that the blame should get heaped onto mephedrone. As is reported time and time again, patterns of use are one of the biggest problems with mephedrone and indeed most other drugs. We all know we are increasing the risks if poly-drug using so seems to SWIM this is again displaying need for more eduction and harm reduction and not just going for a ban.
  13. benzup!
    Re: Schoolgirl, 14, dies 'after taking dangerous new drug' at house party (mephedrone

    swim was wondering where the hell he was buying his mephedrone from if its available at that price! not :laugh:
  14. enquirewithin
    Re: Schoolgirl, 14, dies 'after taking dangerous new drug' at house party (mephedrone

    There is a lot of misinformation here for one sentence!
  15. MrG
    Re: Schoolgirl, 14, dies 'after taking dangerous new drug' at house party (mephedrone

    Just as with the wild and dangerous claim written in another article about legal high's, that users were known to put it on their eyeball as a method of administration (idiot journalist reads about "eyeballing" a dose and doesn't realise it refers to estimating the dose size of a powder), the constant media references to plant fertiliser will no doubt suggest to some moron that raiding grandpa's greenhouse will yield a recreational drug.
  16. Coconut
    Re: Schoolgirl, 14, dies 'after taking dangerous new drug' at house party (mephedrone

    What about the industrial chemical ethanol and the insecticide nicotine? I'm not even sure how mephedrone could be considered to be a plant fertiliser. Perhaps I'm misinformed about its properties. Spin is easy to come up with, and it's especially insulting when journalists spew this shite and they get it wrong.

    What was a fourteen-year-old doing taking mephedrone and ketamine anyway? With correct, objective education about drugs, she would still be alive. Instead, she was likely ignorant of safe dosages and how to treat side-effects.
  17. Joe Duffy
    Re: Schoolgirl, 14, dies 'after taking dangerous new drug' at house party (mephedrone

    I was thinking the very same thing, it’s just a matter of time.
  18. Hollow Hippie
    Re: Schoolgirl, 14, dies 'after taking dangerous new drug' at house party (mephedrone

    Funny thing about that "plant fertilizer" bussiness, SWIM a few weeks ago had a really bad experience with JWH-018 and decided to inform his older sister (no hospital), she looked at the bag and saw "Bonsai Tree Fertilizer" and started calling SWIM a fucking idiot cause she truly thought it was fertilizer and not a drug.
  19. Sven99
    Re: Schoolgirl, 14, dies 'after taking dangerous new drug' at house party (mephedrone

    This is truly tragic.

    But lets look at what information we have shall we? An anonymous neighbour (which could have been somebody at the party, or could have been an interfering busybody next door) claims she took mephedrone and ketamine. I would assume the anonymous neighbour to be at least a little bit aware of current drug culture to even know that mephedrone exists, but we really don't have much to go on there. also worth noting that since we're talking about a party with likely a variety of drugs being used, its pretty likely that at least alcohol was also involved.

    Of course, by the time more info is available the whole thing will be forgotten, so we'll probably never know.
  20. Robert Paulson
    Re: Schoolgirl, 14, dies 'after taking dangerous new drug' at house party (mephedrone

    Wow, im actually really pissed off at this...:mad:
    Why is it that when one person dies of yet UNKNOWN causes the media goes batshit insane and starts churning out misinformed bullshit like this. This news report is nothing but sensationalism and scare tactics leading up to the looming ban of 4-MMC. It's not the suppliers of the drug's fault it's the girl's fault for mixing ket and meph and the educational system's fault for only teaching that illegal drugs are bad and that if something's legal, it must be safe. More people die every year from alcohol than legal highs and it's misinformation and idocy leading to most of the deaths on both parts...

    Why must the minority always run things for the majority...
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