`Schoolgirl' cop busts ketamine syndicate

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    `Schoolgirl' cop busts ketamine syndicate

    A 24-year-old undercover cop posed as a Secondary Three student to crack a drug syndicate targeting teenagers in Fan Ling.
    Among those arrested was warehouse worker Wong Chun-kit, 17, who was sentenced to two years and eight months in jail by a District Court judge yesterday despite an impassioned plea for leniency from his parents.

    Wong told the police that he made only HK$5 profit from each ketamine tablet he sold at HK$65.

    A total of 36 people - including 23 students - were caught in the anti-drug operation, codenamed Iron Racer, in which police officer Leung Ho-yan posed as a student at CCC Kei San Secondary School in Fan Ling from April this year, with the school's consent.

    Leung, who joined the police on June 4, 2007, was selected because of her youthful looks and small build. She stands at 157 centimeters tall.

    Before passing sentence yesterday, District Judge Stanley Chan Kwong-chi asked Wong, who turns 18 tomorrow, to read aloud a letter written by his parents appealing for leniency. Wong had admitted three counts of drug trafficking.

    In the letter, Wong's parents told the court they were both busy earning a living and did not spare enough time for their son who ended up in bad company and causing trouble.

    "Chun-kit is a good son who wants to have a happy family. Due to our lack of care and guidance, he was doing very poorly in school. He later dropped out and left home. Whenever we visited him during his detention, he cried and expressed remorse," the letter read.

    "Our son now cherishes the freedom and family ties he has lost. We appeal to the judge for leniency."

    Defense counsel Alan So also submitted a letter from Wong expressing his remorse and eagerness to return to his family and to find a proper job.

    He was arrested after Leung and three schoolgirls bought two ketamine tablets from him. Five days later the officer called him and said she wanted more.

    He was arrested on August 6 at his workplace and police found a further 9.3 grams of ketamine at his home.

    Separately, Yeung Cheung-kwan, also 17, admitted in the Court of First Instance a charge of trafficking in drugs. Yeung was jailed for four years and eight months.

    In passing sentence, High Court Judge Michael Lunn said Yeung had committed a crime which involved "a number of steps to make it easy to sell the drug." Lunn said he also took into consideration Yeung's clean record.

    He was intercepted by police in an anti-drug operation on King's Road, North Point, at around 4am on May 23.

    Police discovered two plastic bags containing ketamine concealed around his stomach and more drugs at his home. Yeung admitted he was paid HK$2,000 to carry and repackage the drugs.

    Patsy Moy
    Thursday, November 26, 2009


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