Schwarzenegger: Time To Debate Legalizing

By Glexn · Sep 17, 2009 · ·
  1. Glexn

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  1. Glexn
    I think if it were just legalised in California, then it'd probably be a bad idea. It'd create yet another black market, smuggling pot out of California. I can imagine the other states (not to mention the DEA) getting pretty pissed off about how much money, time and effort it'd cost them trying to get the pot in California. Aside from that, they'd have to put really tight controls on it, so kids don't get hold of it, etc, so on. I think that as good as it would be for stoners, it'd probably end up being an unmitigated disaster, and it'd set the legalisation movement way back. The Californian government would probably end up being heavily pressured into recalling the legislation. It'd have to be done everywhere, all at once.
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  3. chinpokomaster
    Don't worry, Arnie. We know what you think.

  4. Pumpkin
    Newsflash: It already is happening. SWIM has buddies that drive across the country, pick up pounds of the shit, and hopefully make it back home. so far only one has been cought/charged and this was because he tried to pick up the mail-order of a couple pounds. Police was there waiting on him. Oddly enough, his case was dismissed because he had his medical card from cali. He didnt get in any trouble at all. His court case was in Virginia, by the way, which still hasn't legalized medical marijuana.
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