Scientific American: Large study finds no link between marijuana and lung cancer

By Paracelsus · May 9, 2008 · ·
  1. Paracelsus

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  1. Nature Boy
    It frustrates me to see lung cancer lumped in as a negative side effect of cannabis smoking. Despite studies such as these, the major governmental propaganda organisations always tout the myth that smoking cannabis does indeed cause lung cancer without any evidence. It's about time these notions were attacked and rapidly dismissed because they stand on an assumption that all smoked materials are as damaging as tobacco which is simply not true.

    This isn't to say that heavy cannabis use may not cause other smoking-related illnesses but pointing out that it avoids the 'big C' needs to be noted.
  2. stinky_plant
    It'd be nice if this was shown on prime time news. Fat chance though.
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