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Scientist: Marijuana eating plant discovered.

By Docta, Apr 1, 2012 | | |
  1. Docta
    Researchers at the Baron Cohen University of Kazakhstan have unveiled a new species of herbivores plant that feeds solely on cannabis, discovered in the South Kas province this plant has been found to have the highest known concentration of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabino) the active component of marijuana.

    Dr Bunk Romanic, lead scientist on the project said in resent interviews "we are very excited about this find, the implications for research funding have been far reaching. Offers of research grants are flooding in from as far a field as Jamaica and Amsterdam."

    Enrolments have soared at Baron Cohen University since the discovery, "almost all students have changed there majors from arts to botany, it has been a real shot in the arm for the department" Dr Romanic said.

    The university cafeteria and other local businesses have had to extent trading hours to keep up with demand from the influx of activity generated by the discovery, a local 7/ 11 manager was quoted as saying "beer and chocolate cookie sales have gone nuts"

    The new plant (Cannabisiagot-damunchies) is yet to be verified by out side botanists.



  1. iceflame
    Well done,
    You had me until I read 'Baron Cohen University'.

    Very funny indeed.
  2. VagabondWraith
    Dr. Bunk indeed. HEH ;) Funny thread :p:)
  3. loud
    Had me until Baron Cohen. Hes not a good enough actor to have a university named after him ;)
  4. C.D.rose
    Ha, this is actually funny. When I read Baron Cohen University, I was 99% sure this was a joke, but there was this 1% that kept me wondering, because there have been Kazakh officials that have praised "Borat" because the movie created a boom in tourists coming to Kazakhstan. I'm not kidding. And in a country like Kazakhstan, who knows who gets to give names to institutions like universities.

    However, the 99% quickly had it when I saw the attached image that Docta apparently made himself, with an almost unbelievable aptitude in the art of photoshopping. ;)
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