Scloud, The big Fat Hypocrite.

By Scloud90 · Feb 15, 2016 · ·
  1. Scloud90
    Ive been thinking a lot about the advice and posts I make on here, and if I were from the outside looking in, I would have to call myself a fucking con, or a hypocrite.

    Id like to take a small amount of time to explain myself for anyone that has trouble understanding why I say what I say.

    First thing.

    Scloud. Why do you make statements about recovery, like you know what the fuck you are talking about. You use drugs from time to time. You seem pretty consistent about using meth, even if its a few days out of the month, or every other month.

    Well I did recover from alcoholism, and that has been my most deadly of addictions. It overtook me more than meth ever could. I also put a halt to my poly-substance addiction. At one point I was addicted to 3 substances at once, I was addicted to xanax, meth and alcohol and had been using all 3 of them all for months.

    I have improved on all these things, but the occasional random line of heroin, or meth use is still in my life. So do I really have any room to talk? Well I think so.

    I know what works and how it works. Granted I have not put it to test with the residual drug use I have left in my desires, but frankly I just dont want to rid myself completely of drug use.

    Im not trying to justify what I do, but I am explaining that I can give advice telling people in a no-nonsense way, that if they really want to recover that bad to just do it, and heres how. Im not saying I want to follow the same steps. The reason for this, is ive already reached a conclusion. My conclusion ceases to be one when my life becomes once again unmanageable. When that day comes, I will have to take a harder stance on my drug use and weed it out completely from my life.

    The difference is, im functional at the moment. The people asking for help, are admittedly people who cannot help themselves.

    This post was not to prove anything, but just to put my thoughts out in the open so they can be criticized.

    So if you think im wrong, please tell me why. I want to hear it and be as objective as possible.

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  1. Delia
    I will keep it short, you aren't a hypocrite your a recovering addict that is going the usual path that most people who are suffering addictions - slipping up but then picking themselves up again.

    I read what you write, l generally keep track of your movements on DF and l think your being too hard on yourself.

    Who fucking cares if you provide harm reduction and use drugs? Doesn't the best of knowledge come from those that walk the path?

    Scloud9 your dialogue is too harsh on yourself - we are human and errors are the only way we learn.
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