Scotland: "7 new patients seeking treatment every day"

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    Cameron prioritises drugs projects

    David Cameron will today pledge £100m for a new drug rehabilitation programme in Scotland, claiming it to be the most significant step ever taken in Scotland to combat drugs....

    The Conservative leader - and his entire Shadow Cabinet - are in Scotland today, preparing their Scottish parliamentary election campaign.
    Speaking to The Herald in London before he headed north, he said: "I am going to Aberdeen specifically to visit a drug project and to work with the Scottish Conservatives who are bravely, sensibly and rightly saying that they are going to put a £100m into the fight against drugs and drug rehabilitation rather than offer tax cuts at the Scottish parliamentary election.

    "I think that is absolutely right. It is their decision, and I think it is a very good decision. I think the agenda of tackling drug abuse is hugely important. So I am going to go and see the efforts first hand." ...
    Mr Cameron's aides revealed that he had been shocked at the extent of the drugs problems in Scotland, with 37 new patients seeking treatment every day.

    Aberdeen, where Mr Cameron will make his pledge today, has, like Scotland's other large cities, a serious drug problem..."I think they have made a good call by saying they are going to spend money on drug rehab rather than tax cuts."

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