Scot's Government announce plans for Drug treatment waiting times

By 10outof10 · Nov 14, 2009 ·
  1. 10outof10
    Drug support 'within three weeks'

    Drug addicts who need help should receive treatment within three weeks, under new targets unveiled by the Scottish government.

    The latest targets include a commitment to ensuring that by March 2013, 90% of those who need treatment for a drug problem will wait no more than 21 days.
    A similar target for those who need help for a drink problem will come into force the following year.
    Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said the targets would help improve lives.
    The targets also include a commitment to deliver faster access to specialist child and adolescent mental health services.
    'Top priority'
    There is currently no maximum waiting time for access to these services but by March 2013 patients will have to wait no longer than 26 weeks.
    Ms Sturgeon said: "Ensuring patients always get the best possible care is the top priority for the NHS in Scotland and these targets are a valuable way to make sure this happens.
    "I am pleased that we are now able to introduce waiting time pledges for both specialist mental health services for young people, and drug treatment services.
    "This will, I am sure, improve the quality of lives for many people throughout Scotland."
    Official statistics released in September showed that the number of drug users waiting more than a year before they were assessed for treatment had dropped.
    However, the statistics showed that at the end of June 11% of 1,969 addicts were still waiting after 52 weeks.

    Source BBC news Scotland:

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