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Scott Weiland, of Former Stone Temple Pilot Fame, Dies of Multi-Drug OD at 48

  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    Former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland died from an accidental drug overdose , according to a medical examiner’s office in Minnesota where he was found dead on his tour bus in early December.

    The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office said on Friday the 48-year-old Weiland had cocaine, alcohol and the amphetamine MDA – a drug similar to ecstasy – in his system. The medical examiner also noted a history of cardiovascular disease, asthma and multi-substance dependence.

    Weiland’s body was found on his tour bus in the Minneapolis suburb of Bloomington on 3 December. The report said the time of death was 8.27pm and that the death was accidental.

    Weiland’s three-decade career in music also included solo albums and a spot in the supergroup Velvet Revolver.

    He rose to fame with Stone Temple Pilots, which became one of the most commercially successful bands to come out of the early 1990s grunge rock movement. The band’s 1992 debut album, “Core,” sold 8m copies.

    Stone Temple Pilots broke up in 2003, and Weiland went on to front Velvet Revolver, alongside rock luminaries Slash, Matt Sorum and Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses and Dave Kushner of Wasted Youth.

    The Stone Temple Pilots reunited in 2008 and split again in 2013.

    Weiland’s current band, Scott Weiland & the Wildabouts, had been scheduled to play a show in Medina, Minnesota, on 3 December, but it had been cancelled a week earlier due to poor ticket sales.

    Police said they found a small amount of cocaine in Weiland’s bedroom and elsewhere on the tour bus, and briefly held a California man who was travelling with Weiland. But Bloomington deputy police chief Mike Hartley said authorities won’t pursue a drug charge against the man because it would be too difficult to prove the drugs belonged to him.

    Weiland had a long history of drug- and alcohol-related arrests and stints in rehab. In 1995, he was arrested after deputies found him carrying crack and heroin. He pleaded guilty to felony heroin possession in 1998. And his arrests for drug possession and stints in rehab led the Stone Temple Pilots to cancel tour dates and contributed to their 2003 breakup.

    By Brad Nelson - The Guardian/Dec. 18, 2015
    Newshawk Crew

    Author Bio

    BT2H is a retired news editor and writer from the NYC area who, for health reasons, retired to a southern US state early, and where BT2H continues to write and to post drug-related news to DF.


  1. bluntwraps
    Sad, but not shocking. Like Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse, sad but not a shock and instantly suspected a drug overdose in all three cases.

    Sad that his family thought he was clean at the time and was adamant about this not being a drug overdose.
  2. Killerqueen
    Maybe he was clean and thats why he OD'd
  3. bluntwraps
    You know, I was about to make a joke but it would probably be in bad taste to say it.

    It's possible he was clean. Amy Winehouse was when she had her drinking binge that killed her. That would make sense as to why the band played along that it wasnt drugs, they had to have known and probably wanted to save the family pain.

    I don't get the impression that Scott was very good at concealing drug use
  4. AKA_freckles
    I'm just shocked that it wasn't opiates.
  5. Beenthere2Hippie
    It's an awful shame that we bury so many rockers. And it's a shame when a guy just shy of 50 still practices poly substance use, knowing how dangerous it really can be. You'd have to live under a rock not to know.

    I am with AKA freckles, amazed that opiates were not part of the deadly mix.

    Sad, sad, sad.
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