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    Five men have been jailed and a woman given community service after a police operation that resulted in the seizure of drugs worth more than £1.5m.

    Operation Nomad was set up by Central Scotland Police in March last year, it focused on drug trafficking in the Stirling area.
    At the High Court in Glasgow, Ryan Dobson, his brother Leigh, Iain MacDonald, Kyle Henderson and Keith Fitzwater were all sentenced to between three and eight years in prison.

    Police brought an end to the drug dealing operation, which operated in the Stirling area, after months of surveillance.

    Six people appeared at the High Court in Glasgow after admitting to being concerned in the supply of cocaine.

    Leigh Dobson, 27, received the largest sentence, being jailed up for eight years. His 29-year-old brother Ryan was jailed for five and a half years by Judge Lord Bonomy.
    Craig Cowie, 23, described as a "taxi driver" in the drug trafficking, was ordered to serve four years in prison.
    Keith Fitzwater, 27, was locked up for four and a half years, while Kyle Henderson, 23, was sentenced to three years.
    Christine Wingate, 45, an unemployed mother used by the gang to store drugs was the only one spared jail after she was ordered to carry out 300 hours of unpaid work.

    The court was told how Christine Wingate took delivery of drugs on behalf of the Dobsons. Police raided her home in Springfield Road, Stirling, and seized £48,400 of cocaine.

    The court was also told that police seized £1,100 of cocaine from the home Kyle Henderson shared with his grandparents in Stirling. While officers uncovered £42,560 of cocaine in Fitzwater's flat in Stirling.

    Iain McDonald, 23, from Stirling, had been stopped by police and found to be in possession of 1.5 kilos of cocaine worth £90,000. He had pleaded guilty and was jailed for four years at the High Court in Glasgow on 21 December last year.

    The operation also resulted in the seizure of drugs worth in excess of £1.5m outwith the Central Scotland area and were directly linked to crime groups supplying the Dobsons.

    Ch Insp Sneddon said: "This operation came about as a result of information from the community.
    "We need the continued support of the community to help us build up a case to be able make arrests and we do act on information received.

    "The people involved in this case, and others involved in drugs, cause untold misery to our communities and this shows our determination in pursuing those involved in dealing in drugs."

    [Picture: From top left clockwise; Keith Fitzwater, Craig Cowie, Christine Wingate and Kyle Henderson]

    15 August 2012 Last updated at 15:11 BBC News


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