Sea Urchin Eggs Plus Marijuana Equal Amazing New Drug

By Shampoo · Jan 18, 2008 · ·
  1. Shampoo
    Originally Published November 04, 2007. Written By Aaron Rowe for Wired Science.

    "Chem Lab: Sea Urchin Eggs Plus Marijuana Equal Amazing New Drugs

    Chemists have created a collection of molecules that may have effects superior to marijuana. They are hybrids of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient in weed, and anandamide, the euphoria-causing chemical found in sea urchin eggs.
    Researchers intend to use the hybrids as tools to better understand the endocannabinoid system, which partially controls pleasure and pain signals.
    In the December issue of Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, scientists from Organix, a small research and development firm, explained that THC and anandamide each have their own unique advantages and disadvantages.
    Anandamide starts working faster than its marijuana-derived counterpart, but it is more quickly destroyed by the body. A fusion of the two chemicals may last longer while maintaining an equal or stronger effect.
    At the beginning of the project, organic chemists made a bunch of slightly different molecules that resembled both of their natural inspirations -- THC and anandamide. Once those chemicals had been synthesized, other researchers tested them on the proteins that are stimulated by marijuana.
    Checking the effects of slight tweaks to the shape of a molecule is called SAR -- a structure-activity relationship study. Although the researchers at Organix did not comment on the recreational potential of their new chemicals, their SAR data makes it very clear that the new drugs push the same pleasure buttons as THC and anandamide.
    Toward the end of the study, they gave the best experimental chemicals to mice. Small amounts of the most potent molecule prevented them from pulling their tails away from a hot surface. That test, called a tail-flick assay, showed that the new drug is a rather powerful painkiller."

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  1. zera
    Anybody know if one was to use this recreationally what the dosage/method of administration would be. I'm assuming it can cross the blood-brain barrier. Swim found a chemical site that sells it and would be anxious to try it out.
  2. fnord
    anandamide? or the chemical there trying to make? please post your source in the gold forum if possible!
  3. podge
    Isnt anandamide one of the brains natural cannabinoid receptors which regulates irrelevant short term memory.

    Would'nt smoking marijuana always coincide with anandamide as its already present in the human brain ?
  4. fnord
    i believe so. but neropsychopharmacology isnt my strong point.
  5. savingJenniB
    Wow! Perhaps this is why I like sushi?
    Have tried several different kinds of Sea Urchin eggs ~ yummy!

    FYI to all you bleeding heart tree huggers out there
    Yes, I saw Sunday's 60 Minutes and I still want my Otoro
    (BlueFin Tuna Belly ---- soooo Good!!!
    Omega Oil Good ~ Niacin Rush Good!!
    Give me a break ~ it's the only meat I have left!
  6. Shampoo
    In some sense yes. Anandamide is not only endogenously created as a cannabanoid analogue, but also can be exogenously ingested through cannabis, sea urchin, or chocolate. It regulates short-term memory, not just irrelevant memories. It is considered a memory-enhancing stimulant component in chocolate ingestion and an inducer of neurological memory exercise. While it exists endogenously, it is not present in pleasurable or particularly stimulating amounts, and its recession in certain psychologically oriented medicinal marijuana patients can be resolved by its ingestion.
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