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  1. BA
    Vote Freedom!
    Seattle Hempfest 2004
    Saturday and Sunday
    August 21 & 22 - 10AM to 8PM
    Myrtle Edwards Park, Pier 70

    Construction in Myrtle Edwards Park has been completed and the park has returned to a landscape more beautiful than ever before! This will surely make for the most picture-perfect Hempfest in history.

    * color=#0000ffwww.seattlehempfest.com


  1. Pinkavvy
    be aware .... rumors around other less corporate festivals in the northwest this year have been saying that the seattle hempfest is going to get fucked with a lot more than last year
  2. mycoguy
    i'm planning on attending, if work permits
  3. Pinkavvy
    I will be there most likely with my big orange bird "Fiery" puppet named socretes

    he goes to all the festivals with me now
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