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Seattle pig farmer markets pork raised on marijuana

  1. Rob Cypher
    The possibilities when it comes to marketing meat made from marijuana-fed animals are close to endless, but the man who came up with the idea has decided to simply call them “Pot Pigs.”

    William von Scheneidau, owner and founder of BB Ranch in Seattle, didn’t come up with the idea to feed pigs and other animals weed while sitting around a bong in the basement with his buddies.

    In fact, he doesn’t even smoke, he said.

    Von Scheneidau said the notion came to him when he met the owners of a weed dispensary who told him that, ever since marijuana was legalized in Washington via popular vote last year, they've had extra stems, stalks, and leaves to get rid of.

    He simply asked them if he could take what they were planning to throw out, as he once did with a farmer's rotting cantaloupes.

    Von Scheneidau said he has always experimented with what he fed his animals and is even currently adding beer and vodka to their troughs.

    The marijuana remnants are mostly fed to pigs, but because the farms von Scheneidau works with are free-range, other animals have access to the weed feed as well, giving a new meaning to the phrase “party animals.”

    Whenever von Scheneidau introduces a new substance to animals’ diets, he makes sure to have a control group of animals that eat normally from the same family.

    He said that the pigs that are fed the marijuana just lie around and barely lift their heads.

    “I name all my pigs,” said von Scheneidau “and Ted told Tim they shouldn’t tell me,” whether or not they’re high.

    The pigs’ laziness might contribute to the fact that those who eat the weed gain weight 20 percent faster than those who don’t, as one would expect, even though von Scheneidau said the pot pigs don’t actually consume any extra food.

    The weight gain contributes to the marbled, fattier texture of the pork that is eventually processed and made into bacon, prosciutto, sausage, pork chops and pulled pork.

    Von Scheneidau says that beyond a difference in consistency, people have described the weed-infused meat as “more savory” in “blind bacon tests.”

    "The flavor of the fat is extraordinary, [customers] love the marbling of the fat," said von Scheneidau.

    And while customers haven’t reported getting high while eating or cooking the pork, von Scheneidau said BB Ranch sells out of the pot pig meat before batches are even processed.

    He said the laws are a little complicated right now, but once the dispensaries are able to sell more marijuana, he’ll have more access to what the customers — and the pigs — want.

    Elisha Fieldstadt
    NBC News
    June 18, 2013



  1. Crystal_Queen
    I think drugging animals to gain weight is pushing things to far.
    It was most likely mixed in their food as animals typically don't re-administer psychedelics.
    that's the reason pot exists in the first place...so animals don't eat it.
    It's actually a huge irony that humans like it.
    Seperate the weed...and if they eat it on their own free will then...its less bad...

    but what next? anti-psychotics? ssri's? morphine before death?
  2. Alien Sex Fiend
    He said that the pigs that are fed the marijuana just lie around and barely lift their head. LOL I think drugging animals to gain weight is not pushing things to far. 'cause its better than putting them into tiny cages so they can't move and get fatter faster
  3. Willyzh
    Pig food is largely a mixture of throwaway food. Candy rejects for one. Whatever is cheapest for the farmer.

    THe question I have is: "Will bacon trigger a false positive on a drug test?" since thc is stored in the pig fat and then consumed by the human?

    The real deal is there is not really appreciable amounts of THC in stems and leaves... and plenty of fat on a pig. I think the stuff about the pigs weighing 20% more is bullshit... dude says he's giving them beer and vodka but they are laying around from stems and seeds and gaining weight... LOL.

    They're probably too drunk to walk.

    It's not much of an irony that people like marijuana... humans have been using plants to make fire for many thousands of years, and then gathering around the fire for warmth, safety and companionship... breathing all the while. Breathing good smells and then hand selecting that smoke for its smell and pleasantries. Done. Belly-aching trichomes cannot be inhaled, only eaten.

    I think this guy is kind of an idiot for feeding such a fibrous, low-calorie plant to his pigs. Sure he doesn't smoke? He sounds high as hell.

    This brings new meaning to the term "Pot-Bellied Pigs...." :laugh:

    Only fat-soluble drugs would really be a concern anyhow if a farmer was inclined to drug his pigs, but I think that adding chemicals to a pig would be undesirable, as his vodka would already give them amotivation and caloric intake.

    Sure beats giving them steroids... which is also something that is done. Benzos would make them too lazy to eat, and morphine would take weight off. Can't think of many drugs that are good for adding weight besides herb and liquor. Marijuana is prescribed for wasting diseases.

    Thanks for the laughs, this is absurd.

    It'd be awesome if he fed them pot brownies all their life and then a nice ham dinner got you appreciably high...
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