Sec. of State's daughter gets off scott free on drug charges

By radiometer · Dec 18, 2006 · ·
  1. radiometer
    Drug charges dropped against Jesse White's daughter
    Prosecutors say they will refile charges
    By Ben Bradley, ABC 7
    December 15, 2006

    Prosecutors dropped drug charges Friday against Secretary of State Jesse White's daughter, because the arresting officer did not show up in court. She was caught up in an undercover police sting at the Ida B. Wells Housing Complex earlier this week.

    Now, Lorraine White claims police roughed her up during the arrest. She spoke exclusively with ABC7's Ben Bradley.

    The Secretary of State's daughter and 16 others are accused of attempting to buy drugs from undercover police officers in the Ida B. Wells Housing Complex. But Lorraine White claims she was trying to continue her father's tradition of public service by helping public housing residents find work. White told ABC7 a friend needed help and that she was at the Wells Complex because she knew a "particular guy" who could help out.

    During the late morning arrest, White claims police pushed her up some stairs and on to the concrete floor.

    "A police officer -- a man -- picked me up and threw me to the hard -- if you've ever been in the project it's quite hard. And this is what happened," said Lorraine White, revealing a black eye.

    White claims a black eye and six chipped teeth are a result of her run-in with police. She produced a report from Mercy Hospital to backup her claim.

    A Chicago Police spokesperson says, while the department has "no formal complaints filed by Ms. White or evidence to support these claims," the department will make sure the "allegations are investigated properly."

    Lorraine and her father are estranged but he is reaching out to her.

    "I'm saddened by what has occurred, but nevertheless, she is a part of our family and we want to bring some resolve to the situation and give her as much support as possible," said Jesse White, Illinois secretary of state.

    While Lorraine White maintains her innocence, she says she is worried about the damage her arrest may do to her father's reputation.

    "As far as my father, I love him so much," Lorraine White said.

    Prosecutors expect to refile charges against Lorraine White next week. But, they say, they will recommend a drug treatment program.


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  1. Nature Boy
    It doesn't even say what drug it was or what value it had. I'm guessing that information is being withheld unless this journalist is an idiot.
  2. Alicia
    maybe the journalist is an idiot or maybe daddy didn't want the press to know of daughters Bo bo. anything can stick with these people.
  3. Alfa
    It does seem like an extra hoop that police officers need to be carefull who they arrest and roughen up. Of course police officers which do roughen up people can get away with such pretty easy, until they encounter either a cop that is willing to speak up or someone with connections in high places.
  4. Nagognog2
    This is one of those situations where it's difficult to know which side you would like to be on. On the one hand, it would be nice if the Bush regime also got a black eye. On the other hand, it would be nice if the police get hanged in public for what are their all-to-often beatings of poor minorities.

    I'll go with both: Hang 'em all.
  5. Alicia

    Yeah lol. although swia would rather play heretic and not bother with any of them.Swia has yet to meet 'another' asshole police officer but natually will not take kindly to one either.:D
  6. Police Officer
    What do upper/middle class people go to the projects for? Well, to help people of course. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

    As far as pushing Ms. White up the stairs goes...We tell people to do something one time, and one time only. For example: "Place your hands behind your back." If you don’t place your hands behind your back you have to assume that you will become significantly uncomfortable for the next few minutes. I would imagine that "Get back up those stairs and get with the rest of the people" is somewhat of a similar and lawful command. If you continue down the stairs then you must assume that you will be helped up the stairs.

    Now, if the prosecutor is going to refile charges instead of just letting it go then I am making the assumption that there is a case there. That’s just me and my 10+ years of law enforcement experience thinking aloud.

    Of course the easiest way to try and put the spotlight elsewhere is to complain on the Police. They were (mean)/ (rude)/ (insert petty complaint here) to me.

    Lorraine and her father are estranged but he is reaching out to her.” One can only make assumptions why a public figure would choose to distance himself from a daughter. If I was a public figure would I distance myself from: A. A good samaritan that helps the needy. B. A cracked out junkie that frequents the projects trying to score.

    The article is pretty vague, so I can only comment on what was copied and pasted on the forums.

    On a separate note, I was asked about Police violence by a board member. -Is it easy to speak up about seeing a fellow Cop who goes too far?- That’s like turning in your little brother when you find out he robbed and stabbed the lady down the street. Is it hard to do? You bet your ass it is. Is it the right thing to do, and the thing that must be done? Yes it unequivocally is.

    This is not as common as most of you think. Why I believe most people think it’s as common as going to the bathroom is because of the media sensationalizing it. I would also say that virtually every time someone is hurt by a Cop and it could go either way the media picks right up on it and runs that story non-stop until the final verdict.

    And of course there are people out there who will always believe that we do nothing right and everything wrong. These people believe that everytime we place our hands on someone we are doing so with the intent to injure the perp.

    Have I ever worked with a Cop who went too far? I sure have. Is he still a Cop? No. He was fired and his license was revoked. He will never be a Cop again. Its just like possessing narcotics. You can get away with it some of the time, but not all of the time.
  7. Nicaine
    The fact that you have is a good sign how rampant the problem is; if it weren't, it would be much less common to have worked with one. I bet most cops have worked with another cop who's "gone too far." Power corrupts, and society gives too damn much of it to the police (IMO) in their fearful desire to be "safe."
    Surely you'll work with yet another, if much of your career's left. It's just a fact of psychology that power corrupts and brings out the worst in many people. Police officers are absolutely no exception. That's why they have such a weird relationship with society; hated/feared and yet needed/clung to. It's like a borderline personality disorder type thing.

    I sure wouldn't want to be a cop... think I'd rather dig ditches or collect trash. Or even panhandle, to be honest. Rather scary to try & imagine what the real bennies are of a job like that, "heroic" PR angle aside.
  8. Woodman
    ...or unless they get caught on-film by some sneaky sonofabitch with a with a video cam.
  9. Nagognog2
    Nowadays video-taping something like Rodney King being beat up can get YOU arrested. A friend of mine photographed a cop at an anti-war demonstration on the Boston Common (Massachusetts-USA), and he was arrested and charged with Felony Wiretapping. And he was convicted by a jury trial. So be aware. If you go about carrying cams or other gear to record - travel in teams. If one of your group gets taken for filming, you will have the events recorded by your back-up crew*.

    My friend's conviction is on appeal.

    * Read: Don't let the fascist laws intimidate the actions of true patriotism. Expose the fascists!
  10. Woodman
    One VERY significant point that our in-house "Police Officer" failed to mention was that while cops might not be able to prevent the arrest of some administrative honcho, or the honcho's family members, they can (and often do) shield them from prosecution.

    This is widely practiced in order to encourage "inter-departmental cooperation" (because you never know when a cop might need a favor from the Department of Transportation, the Public Utilities Commission, or get case leads from other law enforcement buddies in State or Federal Police agencies, and of course you NEVER want to be on the bad side of the judiciary), but just think of it as a sort of immunity policy, like "Diplomatic immunity", only among government bureaucrats.

    Now, here's how it works:

    For the person who is being charged, all they have to do is enter a "Not Guilty" plea at the arraignment hearing. At that point it becomes a matter for trial, and a court date is set.

    Since the law requires that anyone charged with a crime has the right to face his/her accuser(s) in court, all the cop has to do is to simply not show-up at the courthouse on the day that that trial is set to take place.

    At that point the prosecutor might ask for a continuance, but unless the arresting officer has a really good reason for NOT appearing (like being laid-up in the hospital), then the plaintiff can request (and get) an acquittal, but it is more likely that the prosecutor will simply drop the charges since they can't prosecute without a witness against the plaintiff in the first place.

    ABSOLUTELY NO LAWYER, especially a prosecutor (most of whom have ambitions for higher public office, or intend on starting a lucrative private practice, or both), wants to have it go on record that they "LOST" a case through acquittal.

    So, ...

    1.) the honcho's family member gets the charges dropped, ...
    2.) the cop gets to say: "I didn't give anyone 'special treatment'. I simply had the wrong date in mind when I failed to appear." And...
    3.) by dropping the charges, the prosecutor avoids actually "LOSING" a case, thus preserving the integrity of his/her conviction record by avoiding a statistical anomaly that could come back to bite them in the ass when they make a move for higher office.
  11. El Calico Loco
    Some people are hard of hearing. Others may not hear orders over the shouts of neighbors or even other officers who are shouting at someone else. Is it too much to ask to repeat yourself once?

    See...this is the attitude I don't understand. I've never been in your position, and you seem like one of the better ones (I mean, you're here listening to the other side), so I give you the benefit of the doubt. you think it's necessary for cops to be "mean" and "rude"? No doubt it's called for in certain (dangerous) situations, but I've had it happen to me at a routine traffic stop when I'd done nothing more than speeding (ten miles over the limit in a speed trap) and was being polite and cooperative. I've never been in trouble with the law - a few speeding tickets, nothing serious - and I'm pretty far from the standard profile of a drug user, dealer, or terrorist.

    It's baffling. The officer's having a bad day - chewed out by the boss, fight with his wife, whatever - and that gives him the right to take it out on me? Why would he even want to? It's a mindset so alien that I honestly can't wrap my brain around it. It seems like just another symptom of the "Us vs The Other" mentality that's kept humankind in the ethical dark ages for thousands of years.

    I hope you'll forgive me for saying so, but I often see cops swaggering around downtown, trying to look intimidating... and they look just like the immature gang bangers on the other side of town. As if it's not the consent of the governed that gives them rights and power, but just the fact that they are the biggest and most well-armed gang in town. I know they're not all like that, but it's disturbing to see. I'm embarrassed for them.

    I guess it's just a sign of the times. Government treats adults like infants, so adults become infantile; the men in uniform are not immune. I wonder how much life America has left in her.


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