seeing threw a new set of eyes.

By detoxin momma · Apr 9, 2016 ·
  1. detoxin momma
    " I once was lost,but now am found,
    i once was blind, but now i see".....
    how did this happen to me?

    every song now makes such perfect sense.
    every vision now seems so clear.
    every color seems so much more vibrant.
    every word has so much depth.

    the wind,the rain,
    the sun light,
    the moon,
    the trees, the grass,
    every star,
    every insect,
    every animal.
    i have such a new found respect, there are no words for me to describe.

    appreciatte the little things in life, thats what we've always heard.
    not always that easy. Life loves to trip us up, loves to keep us guessing...

    i always believed i lived my life in this manner, but now, its as if i can "feel" in a new found way...

    sobriety? new found sense of faith? or just grateful to be alive?
    what makes one suddenly so grateful to be alive?

    even the word ALIVE has a new found meaning, i can almost feel the word pulsating life in itself.

    did i dull my brain and spirit THAT much by using pain medications!?
    so much so that it truly does feel like seeing threw a whole new set of eyes?
    since when do eyes come with FEELINGS!?

    even as i sit here and type these words, i just know, something will prevent me from getting my point across.
    a psychological hang up, maybe.
    a more important obligation, maybe.
    doesnt really matter, theres nothing but time waiting for me, for everyone.

    how can an individual with so many responsibilities feel so alone? i don't get that,but thats life.
    how does one determine if they are cared for, or smothered?
    loved, or needed?
    helping, or enabling?

    those are the questions i suppose....

    right now i will comfort myself with these words,
    never take anything, or anyone for granted.
    be truly grateful for what you do have.
    Love like you mean it, say what you mean, and mean what you say,
    because you never know what tomorrow brings.

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    detoxin momma
    Just trying to make it threw life one day at a time.....


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